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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



LS200 Foundations of Science (3)

An introduction to the history, development and in-

fluence of science on the other academic disciplines.

The impact of science on patterns of thought and

society in general will also be addressed. How science

functions today in various disciplines, how it has

functioned historically, and what it can and cannot

produce as an outcome will be emphasized.

Online Graduate Course



ACC510 Managerial Accounting (3)

The course covers the application of basic and

advanced accounting methods for the purpose of

informing management decisions.

Prerequisite: Finan-

cial Accounting.

ACC520 Financial Accounting (3)

Students learn to prepare and analyze financial

statements. Students apply these skills to corporate

decision-making and evaluation processes.

BUS510 Enterprise and Public Policy (3)

A comprehensive study of the relationship between

government policy, economic trends, and business

performance. This course includes an overview of

the contents and structure of TMC’s entire online

M.B.A. program and must be taken as the first course

in the program.

BUS520 Business Law (3)

The course is a study of the procedures and organiza-

tion of the United States legal system. The course

will also provide an in depth study of tort liability,

contracts, and common law.

BUS530 Statistics (3)

Students learn to conduct and interpret statisti-

cal analyses of common business problems using

ANOVA, single and multiple regression, probability,

and other techniques.

FIN540 Corporate Finance (3)

A comprehensive study of financial forces on the

firm. Students learn advanced financial analysis tech

niques for use in management decisions.


Management Accounting.

INB511 International Business (3)

A study of the current state of international business,

which will include an advanced analysis of the eco-

nomic and cultural environments present in today’s

global marketplace.

MGT510 Organizational Behavior (3)

A study of current organizational design and man-

agement theory and practices. Students will apply

these concepts to complex real-life organizational


MGT550 Operations Management (3)

Students learn operational and decision-making

methods to quantitatively optimize business pro-


Prerequisite: Statistics.

MGT590 Leadership (3)

The course is a study of the knowledge, skills, and

exceptional traits possessed by successful leaders.

This course includes a capstone experience in which

the students apply what they have learned to the

study of business cases and simulations of business


This course must be taken as the last course in

the TMC Online M.B.A. program.

MIS510 Information Technology Management


A critical overview of the design, application, and

assessment of information systems. Students also

learn effective practices for the management of in-

formation technology specialists.

MKT561 Marketing Strategy (3)

An introduction to foundational marketing concepts

followed by a study of advanced and cutting edge