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Degree Completion Program



ministry is presented. Finally, practical considerations

in the study of God’s Word are reviewed.

BIB347 Expositional Research (2)

The student will be introduced to the methods

of biblical and theological research in terms of

traditional library methods, as well as various

computer and on-line systems.

BIB349 Dynamics of Grace (4)

The course will examine why the gospel is

the energizing truth that drives the believer’s

sanctification. In-depth attention will be paid to the

spiritual discipline of ongoing faith in the gospel

(“preaching the gospel to oneself each day”).

Attention will also be given to the biblical connection

between the gospel and the believer’s worship,

walk, warfare, witness, oneness, and worldview.

The practical theology of this course is designed

especially to address the ‘disconnect’ that commonly

exists between faith and life—between doctrine and


BIB362 Biblical Conflict Resolution (2)

This course is designed to help the student think

biblically about conflict and how to respond to life’s

conflicts in a way that glorifies the Lord (I Cor. 10:31).

In particular, the student will be taught a model and a

plan for how to think about struggles in relationships

and evaluate their own typical patterns of response.

These principles apply to business and the church,

but there will be a special focus on handling marriage


BIB363 Christian Worldview (4)

This class will examine why biblical worldview is

about Total Reality, not just about religious truth.

It will equip the student to critique erroneous

worldviews for the purpose of becoming effective

in evangelism. The class will also examine the need

for, and the methodology used in, presuppositional

apologetics. It will also consider the appropriate use

of Christian evidences and their proper place in the

apologetic presentation.

BIB383 God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Angels (4)

The first theology seminar will cover the major fields

of systematic theology, beginning with Prolegomenon

and continuing with Cosmology, Theology Proper,

Christology and Pneumatology. Study will center

on the biblical defense for these areas as well as

an examination of classic understanding of these

doctrines from church history.

BIB384 Man, Sin, Salvation, Church (4)

The second theology seminar covers the doctrinal

subjects of Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology,

Ecclesiology, and Eschatology. In addition, a brief

discussion of the various Protestant theological

systems will be included.

BIB385 Church History (4)

This final theology seminar presents an overview of

church history tracing the growth and development

of Christianity from the Apostolic Age to modern

American Evangelicalism. Emphasis will be placed

on the development of the major Protestant

denominations and associations emerging from the

different traditions of the Reformation era.

BIB399 Counseling & Proverbs (2)

This course is an expositional study of Proverbs

with special emphasis on its relevance to counseling.

BIB421 Problems & Procedures I (3)

These courses are designed to apply the biblical

principles taught in the Methods of Biblical Change

course (BIB330) to a range of specific counseling

problems. Topics discussed include anger, fear,

depression, sexual deviancy, anxiety, eating disorders,

decision making, one’s past, self- concept, various

syndromes, ADHD, and crisis counseling.


BIB300, BIB330

BIB422 Problems & Procedures II (2)

These courses are designed to apply the biblical

principles taught in the Methods of Biblical Change

course (BIB330) to a range of specific counseling

problems. During the second semester of this course,

each student will be part of a team that will develop

and present to the class a detailed biblical counseling

outline for a teacher-approved counseling problem.

Prerequisites: BIB300, BIB330.

BIB431 Counseling Practicum I (2)

These courses are designed to consider the practical

application of the principles of biblical counseling

and the various methodological aspects of the

counseling process. These courses will include student

participation in counseling as counselors, counselees,