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performance majors. Permission to give a recital must

be acquired the previous semester, and the program

and/or pre-recital must be approved at least one

month before the recital date.

MU460e Senior Project for Audio Technology (2)

Final Project incorporating audio content, such as

sound for a short film, music video, sound recording

and post-production, etc.

MU464 Vocal Pedagogy (2)

The science and art of training the singing voice.

Principles of resonance, breath support, registration

and expression.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

MU466 Vocal Literature (2)

Performance and study of vocal literature from all the

major periods. Purpose is to survey as much literature

as possible to study the development of vocal music

as well as its use for teaching purposes.

MU473 Advanced Piano Literature (2)

Performance and study of keyboard literature from

early Baroque to the present. Purpose is to survey

as much literature as possible to study development

of keyboard music and its use for teaching purposes.

MU474 Orchestration (2)

The instruments: ranges and limitations. Scoring for

sections and full orchestra. The church orchestra.

Prerequisite: MU242A.

MU476 Advanced Conducting (2)

Advanced techniques in choral and instrumental


Prerequisite: MU271.

MU477 Instrumental Pedagogy (1)

Survey of methods and literature as they apply to an

instructor in a specific instrument.

MU478 Instrumental Literature (1)

Performance and study of literature for the specific

instrument from early stylistic periods to the present.

Purpose is to survey as much literature as possible to

study the development of music for the instrument

as well as to study its use for teaching purposes.

MU482 Senior Seminar in Music (2)

A course for graduating seniors that correlates

music histor y, literature, and theor y, with

a writing component expressing the student’s

philosophy of life from the Christian perspective.

Emphasizes leadership and encompasses the wide-

sweeping expectations of the profession. Includes

preparationfor themajorfieldexam, careerpossibilities,

and an exit interview. Combines with the recital

requirement to provide a capstone course.

MU483 Piano Pedagogy III (2)

An introduction to teaching piano lessons within a

group setting (whether adult, average age, or pre-

school) by examining the approaches of various

music educators and by comparing examples of

group piano methods.

Prerequisite: MU386 Piano

Pedagogy II.

MU484 Piano Pedagogy IV (2)

A course on current pedagogy topics, ranging from

the use of technology in the classroom to approaches

to teaching technique, sight reading, improvisation,

and composition, as well as directed readings in piano


Prerequisite: MU483 Piano Pedagogy III.

MU488 Handbell Directing & Advanced

Techniques (1)

A study of the particulars of directing a handbell

choir. Topics include: music selection and preparation,

ringer placement, rehearsals, performance techniques

and advanced ensemble ringing techniques.


MU340H, Co-requisite: MU380H.

MU494 Worship Internship (2)

A supervised experience in which the student

observes, works with and then is observed and

evaluated by church pastoral leadership.

MU498 Internship in Audio Technology (2)

A supervised experience in which students work in

a commercial studio and are observed and evaluated

by a professional technician.