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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



it relates to school teaching. Performance skills,

literature and maintenance of brass instruments.

MU316 String Techniques (1)

Basic elements of playing string instruments as

it relates to school teaching. Positions, design,

maintenance and literature of string instruments.

MU320 The Master’s Chorale (1)

Concert choir of 50 to 60 voices. Membership is open

to all students by audition with the director. Strong

emphasis on concert chorale literature of varied eras

and styles. Area concerts and spring tour, with tours

to Israel every four years. May be repeated for credit.

Co-requisite: MU310.

MU320W Women’s Chamber Choir (1)

A choir for women performing a wide variety

of music from all style periods. The choir sings

in a number of local venues, including churches,

convalescent centers, and campus concerts, and

also has a spring tour. Open to all women students

by audition. May be repeated for credit.



MU324 Worship Band Leadership (2)

Acquaints students with current worship band

practices and trends and provides an understanding

of technologies used for worship ministry in

regards to scheduling and chart resources. Band

rehearsals, organization, and musician discipleship

and relationships will also be discussed.

MU330 Concert Attendance (0)

Attendance at a specified number of concerts. Re-

quired concerts include a combination of on- and

off-campus concerts. Pass/Fail; no tuition.

MU333 Worship and Songs of the Church (3)

Traces the thread of worship from early Hebrew

times to the present; explores the varied paradigms

of worship and reasons why we worship as we do.

Presents the historical development of psalms,

hymns, and spiritual songs.

MU334 Church Music Leadership and

Administration (2)

Addresses current changes in church music and

teaches organizational and leadership skills for

the music ministry of a church. Focuses on a

commitment to the pre-eminence of Scripture and

Christ-centered worship, advocating that hymns,

praise songs, and all music of the church must

support the Word of God and remain the servant

of our faith. Covers philosophy of church music,

praise teams, choirs, congregational singing, special

programs, equipment and materials, and working with

the music committee and pastoral staff.

MU340 Wind Ensemble (1)

The instrumental performance ensemble for wind

and percussion musicians that is open to all students

through audition. Designated to provide the wind

and percussion instrumentalist opportunities to

study, rehearse, and perform a variety of wind band

literature composed for accomplished wind and

percussion ensembles. May be repeated for credit.

MU340B Brass Ensemble (1)

MU340C Instrumental Chamber Ensembles (1)

Open to all students by audition. May be repeated

for credit.

MU340F Flute Ensemble (1)

MU340G Guitar Ensemble (1)

MU340H Handbell Ensemble (1)

Open to all students. May be repeated for credit.

MU340J Jazz Band (1)

Open to all students by audition. May be repeated

for credit.

MU340S Chamber Orchestra (1)

Open to all students by audition. May be repeated

for credit.

MU341 Stage Training (2)

A beginning study of improvisational techniques for

the stage. Very interactive class structure.

MU348 Production Techniques (1)

This class will provide an environment where

students may, through a “hands-on” approach, learn

the techniques, problems and solutions of producing

a large-scale musical and/or dramatic presentation in

a school or church environment.