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for equilibrium problems encountered in applied

mathematics and engineering. It covers some

fundamental topics in applied linear algebra, ordinary

and partial differential equations, Fourier analysis

and optimization (both continuous and discrete).

The Matlab scientific computing environment and

language will be used to illustrate the concepts and

techniques introduced and to solve problems having

no analytical solutions.

Prerequisites: MA231, MA282.

MA464 Methods in Applied Mathematics (3)

Building on the course Introduction to Applied

Mathematics (MA463), this class provides techniques

for solving various applied mathematical problems.

The first part of the class will present efficient

numerical analysis methods for solving algebraic

equations, as well as initial-value and boundary-

value problems in ordinary and partial differential

equations. The second part of the class will be mainly

devoted to the study of solving of real life problems

encountered in various scientific disciplines and in


Prerequisite: MA463.

MA482 Topics in Mathematics (3)

This course will consist of selected topics to be

chosen by the professor. Since the content of this

course changes each year it may be repeated once for


Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

MA498 Tutorial Studies in Mathematics (1-3)

Individual study under the guidance of a faculty

member. May by repeated once for credit.


Instructor approval.