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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog




The Department offers an 18-unit Education Minor, open

to students in other majors. The following courses are

required for the Education Minor:

ED101 Introduction to Teaching & Learning◊ .........3 ED202 CurriculumInstruction&Learning Theory◊...3 ED301 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in Teaching◊...3 ESL351 Language Acquisition.......................................3 ED410 Technology Uses in Education*.....................3 ED420 Principles of Secondary Education*..............3

Prerequisite for the TMC Teaching Credential program, in lieu

of ED400 Foundations of Education.

*Pre-requisite for entering 5th year Teacher Credential Program.

Minimum Grade for Courses in Major

The College policies for minimum course grades apply.

Note: The TMC Teaching Credential Program has

minimum course grade requirements for courses with an

ED prefix; see the admissions section of the Teaching

Credential Program section of this catalog.

Course Offerings in

Teacher Education

ED101 Freshman Integration Seminar (2)

The Freshman Integration Seminar links the content

of college coursework in the Liberal Studies-Teacher

Education major to teaching competencies.

ED202 Curriculum Instruction & Learning

Theory (3)

This course links the content of college coursework

in the student’s major to teaching competencies.

It examines characteristics of K-12 students and

links them to developmentally appropriate teaching

strategies. Included are ten (10) hours of planned,

structured experiences working with K-12 students.

ED210 Classroom Participation (1,3)

A pre-professional course intended to give the

prospective teacher experience as a teacher aide

in the classroom. The student selects two schools

in which to serve for a total of 10 hours per unit.

Recommended for students uncertain about entering

either elementary or secondary education professions.

ED301 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in

Teaching (3)

This course links the content of college coursework

in the student’s major to teaching competencies.

It introduces students to cultural and linguistic

factors that must influence decisions about teaching

and classroom management. Included are ten (10)

hours of structured observation in a diverse K-12


ED400 Foundations of Education (3)

A course designed to introduce students to processes

in today’s elementary and secondary classrooms.

Includes the study of underlying philosophical

bases; an introduction to the California State

Teaching Performance Expectations; and learning

about students, establishing academic learning

goals, planning instruction, designing instructional

strategies, assessing student learning, and maintaining

an effective learning environment. Requires twelve

(12) hours of observation and participation in the

classroom. Seniors Only. (Course Fee $15.)

ED402 LS Capstone Seminar (3)

The seminar assists the student in integrating the

content and skills learned in the various major

courses and integrating a biblical world view into the

disciplines. The student is prepared for the summative

capstone assessments required for graduation.

ED410 Technology Uses in Education (3)

An in-depth, hands-on study of how current

technologies are used in the elementary and

secondary school classroom. Topics discussed

include Computer Assisted Testing, Computer

Managed Instruction, website management, and

communication with various technologies. Class

meets the state technology preliminary credential

requirement. (Course fee $20.)

ED420 Principles of Secondary Education (3)

A course designed to give students an introduction to

secondary education. Includes an examination of the

history, structure, and organization of the secondary

school program, the multicultural environment,

characteristics of adolescent learners, and teaching

performance expectations. Requires six (6) hours

of classroom observation in local public junior/

senior high schools. Prerequisite for entry into the

TMC credential program for single subject credential