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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



POL366 Western Political Philosophy II (3)

An in-depth study of the major modern political

philosophers and their thought from Machiavelli

through the social contract theorists to Marx.

POL393 Introduction to Political Research (3)

A basic introduction to the appropriate methods,

procedures, and sources for political research and


POL492 Senior Seminar in Political Studies (3)

Capstone course for senior students in Political

Studies; emphasizing summary integration of a

biblical world view within the context of Political

Studies, review of contemporary emphases in

the discipline, and summary reinforcement and

assessment of student learning.

POL325 Political Parties & Elections (3)

American political parties: their history, structure,

operation, and their impact on the American

electoral process.

POL333 The Presidency (3)

A study of the presidency and various schools of

thought concerning the president’s role and powers.

Particular attention is paid to the constitutional

presidency view vs. the modern presidency view.

POL334 Congress (3)

A study of the United States Congress, its members,

functions, and procedures; and its relationship with

other elements of the governmental system and


POL336 Political Communication (3)

A study of the various media and their impact on

politics. Particular emphasis on television, political

cartoons, and propaganda.

POL353 U.S. Diplomatic History (3)

A survey of U.S. foreign relations events, policies, and

policy-makers for the United States from the colonial

era to the present. Geopolitics since WWII receives

extra emphasis to facilitate an understanding of the

context for contemporary international relations.

POL489 Internship (15)

Opportunity to spend a semester in Washington,

D.C., with the American Studies Program. Seminars

on selected topics and field experience working in a

professional environment. Requires application to

the American Studies Program.

POL455 Christian Political Thought (3)

A study of major Catholic and Protestant political

ideas from Augustine and Aquinas through the

Reformers. Analysis stresses comparison of each

with Scripture.

POL464 Machiavelli (3)

An in-depth study of the political philosophy and

influence of Niccolo Machiavelli, including detailed

analysis of

The Prince


Discourses on Livy.

POL466 The Federalist Papers (3)

An in-depth study of the seminal work of

American political thought,

The Federalist Papers.

POL473 American Political Thought I (3)

A study of important American political ideas from

the Puritans through the Founding period.

POL474 American Political Thought II (3)

A study of important American political ideas from

the Jeffersonian era to the present.

POL423 The Judicial Process (3)

An examination of the dynamics of the national

judicial system, with emphasis on the Supreme Court

as a working institution, the politics of selecting

judges, external influences on the courts, internal

procedures of decision-making, and relations with

other political institutions.

POL424 Law & Public Policy (3)

An examination of American political culture and its

dynamics through selected current issues in law with

an emphasis on their effect on policy formation and


POL435 Introduction to Constitutional Law (3)

General principles of federal and state constitutional

law, powers of the national government, and federal-

state relations. A study of the leading decisions of

the United States Supreme Court.