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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



insurance, investments, taxes, and retirement and

estate planning.

FCS308 Home Management Theory & Analysis


Management process and its relationship to the

use of resources based upon the values, goals and

standards of the family. Efficient management of the

home, establishment of goals and productive use of

money, time and energy.

FCS401 Philosophic & Professional Issues in

Family and Consumer Sciences (3)

Intensive examination of the philosophic and

personal aspects related to the professional Family

and Consumer Scientist. Investigation of professional

issues; development of mentoring and discipleship


Prerequisite: FCS101.

FCS402 Dynamics of Family Living (3)

Studies in basic family relationships: a woman’s

relationship to her husband, children, church,

government, culture, friends, and other individuals.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

FCS403 Principles of Fitting (1)

Principles of fitting as they relate to the construction

of professional garments. Construction of a basic


Prerequisite: FCS302

. (Lab fee $25.)

FCS410 Resource Management Practicum (3)

Synthesis and application of the Family and

Consumer Sciences curriculum with a focus on

personal resource management skills.


FCS101, FCS202, FCS305 or concurrent enrollment,

FCS306, and FCS308.

(Lab fee $100.)

FCS411 Advanced Garment Design (4)

Principles of tailoring. Construction of coats and/or


Prerequisite: FCS303.

(Lab fee $100.)

FCS412 Flat Pattern Design (3)

Principles and techniques of flat-pattern design.

Use of the basic sloper pattern for the purpose

of interpreting new design

. Prerequisite:s: FCS302,

FCS303, FCS403.

(Lab fee $30.)

FCS482 Independent Study (1-3)

Independent study on a topic not covered in

organized classes. May be repeated, but the total

number of units in independent study may not exceed

ten percent of the total number of units required

for graduation. The topic must be approved by the

instructor and the academic advisor.

Prerequisite: 15

units of FCS courses.

FCS483 Topics in Family and Consumer

Sciences (1-3)

A class or seminar in which significant topics

in Family and Consumer Sciences are explored.

HE483B-Culture and Lifestyle of Women in Israel

fulfills a Cross-Cultural Elective.

Prerequisite: FCS101.

FCS484 Internship in Family and Consumer

Sciences (1-3)

Supervised professional experience in an approved

Family and Consumer Sciences related position. May

be repeated for up to 6 credits

. Prerequisite: 15 units

of FCS courses.