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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



and animation begun in MIS368. Same as C468.

Prerequisite: MIS368.

MIS478 IS Internship (1-4)

Provides an applied learning experience in a

supervised work environment. May include work in

systems analysis and design, programming, network

administration, etc.

Prerequisites: junior or senior standing

and instructor’s permission.

MIS488 Independent Research (1-3)

Independent advanced study of specialized topics

with faculty advisor.

Prerequisite: instructor’s approval.

MIS492 IS Senior Seminar (3)

This senior seminar course is designed to integrate

the field of Information Technology into a biblical

worldview, including the ethical issues relating to

the field. It also provides students the opportunity

to demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge

through a project and a set of research and writing


Prerequisite: senior standing.

MIS498 Advanced Topics in Information

Systems (1-3)

A study of relevant information systems topics.

May be repeated for credit if content is different.

Prerequisite: instructor’s approval.