Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 85

Computer and Information Sciences
MIS358 Introduction to Web Graphics (3)
Introduces computer graphics from a designer’s
perspective, as well as software tools for manipulating
them. Web graphics are covered in detail, including
appropriate processes and methods.
MIS368 Introduction to 3DGraphics &Animation (3)
This course introduces students to the world of three-
dimensional (3D) computer graphics and animation.
The software package that is used in the class is Maya,
the most widely used 3D content creation and animation
software. Topics include curves and polygons, surfaces,
lights, cameras, rendering, effects, and more.
MIS411 Systems Analysis & Design (3)
Introduces the concepts of the systems development
life cycle. Analyzes various examples, such as traditional,
CASE, prototyping, and RAD. Discusses file and database
structures and processing practices. Presents techniques
and tools for system specifications and documentation.
Prerequisite: CS111.
May be taken concurrently with CS301,
but not before.
MIS432 Database Management Systems (3)
Design, implementation, and management of business
database systems. Includes data analysis, design, and
Prerequisites: CS301.
MIS438 Advanced Da t aba s e App l i ca t i on
Development (3)
This course examines advanced concepts used to develop
information systems. Topics include advanced database
programming, embedded database commands in high-
level languages, and expert system designed user interface
concepts. Pertinent current topics used in information
system development are also included.
Prerequisite: MIS432.
MIS441 Web Site Administration (3)
Students will learn to install, maintain, and administer
a web site. Integral to this class is the tight cohesion
of theory (lecture) and praxis (hands-on labs). Subject
matter will include TCP/IP; security; intranets; designing,
implementing, and administering databases; search
services; firewalls and proxy servers; etc.
Prerequisite: CS301.
MIS468 Advanced 3D Graphics and Animation (3)
This course continues the study of 3D graphics and
animation begun in MIS368.
Prerequisite: MIS368.
MIS478 IS Internship (1-4)
Provides an applied learning experience in a supervised
work environment. May include work in systems analysis
and design, programming, network administration, etc.
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and instructor’s permission.
MIS488 Independent Research (1-3)
Independent advanced study of specialized topics with
faculty advisor.
Prerequisite: instructor’s approval.
MIS492 IS Senior Seminar (3)
This senior seminar course is designed to integrate the
field of Information Technology into a biblical worldview,
including the ethical issues relating to the field. It also
provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their
proficiency and knowledge through a project and a set of
research and writing assignments.
Prerequisite: senior standing.
MIS498 Advanced Topics in Information Systems
A study of relevant information systems topics. May be
repeated for credit if content is different.
instructor’s approval.
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