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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
CS492 Computer Science Senior Seminar (3)
This senior seminar course is designed to integrate the
field of Computer Science into a biblical worldview,
including the ethical issues relating to the field. It also
provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their
proficiency and knowledge through a set of research and
writing assignments and a standardized Major Field Test.
Prerequisite: senior standing.
CS498 Topics in Computer Science (1-3)
A study of relevant computer science topics. May be
repeated for credit if content is different. Topics may
include: Systems Programming (e.g. design and construction
of programming language translators, compilers, and
interpreters), Operating System Internals, or Advanced
Computer Graphics (such as interactive graphics, screen
displays, graphical techniques, and software).
MIS312 Linux & Unix (3)
This course provides an introduction to Linux &Unix, with
an emphasis on use of the BASH shell command line and
BASH shell programming.
MIS320 IS Applications (3)
This course teaches computer applications that are accepted
as standard in the business world. Emphasis is placed
on the practical implementation of end user software
in a business environment. The use of spreadsheet and
database programs to support business processes will be
studied in depth. Excel and Access will be used in this class.
Prerequisite: CS100.
MIS328 COBOL Programming (3)
This course provides training in COBOL (Common
Business Oriented Language); the most widely used
programming language in the business world.
MIS338 Data & File Processing (3)
An introduction to the concepts of information
organization, methods of representing information both
internally and externally. The course begins with a review
of basic structures (stacks, queues, linked lists and trees)
and moves through more complex data structures into the
processing of files (sequential, relative, indexed sequential
and others). Projects are completed in one or more high-
level languages.
Prerequisite: CS111.
MIS348 Assembly Language Programming (3)
Teaches programming in assembly language, including its
relationship to computer architecture, macros, segmentation,
memory management, linkages, etc.
Prerequisite: CS111.
of software engineering. Topics include the software
development lifecycle: software specification, design,
development, verification, validation, and management.
We will also discuss tools and methods used in developing
quality software.
CS420 Seminar in Computer Science (1)
A lecture/discussion course reviewing recent computer
science topics and literature from journals available to
advanced undergraduate students.
Prerequisite: instructor’s
CS425 Advanced Networks, Security, &Cryptography
This course covers advanced network and security topics,
including TCP/IP security, firewalls, packet filtering,
intrusion detection, virtual private networks, Internet
Protocol Security (IPSec), encryption algorithms and
techniques, private and public key encryption, password
authentication, message integrity, digital signatures,
administrative security policies, and other security issues
involving Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows operating
Instructor permission required.
CS448 Game Programming (3)
This course covers methodology and techniques for writing
interactive computer games and similar applications.
Prerequisite: CS358.
CS458 Applied Software Project (1-3)
Students complete an independent project, integrating
knowledge gained from other courses in the development
of a significant software system. The application is of the
students’ choice subject to advisor approval.
instructor’s approval.
CS468 Decision Support and Expert Systems (3)
Provides an overview of operations research and
quantitative techniques in supporting decision-making,
including systems that attempt to model human planning
processes. Topics include linear programming, queuing,
simulation, modeling, forecasting, network analysis,
dynamic programming, scheduling and control.
CS211, CS402.
CS478 Computer Science Internship (1-4)
Provides an applied learning experience in a supervised
work environment. May include work in systems analysis
and design, programming, network administration, etc.
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and instructor’s approval.
CS488 Independent Research (1-3)
Independent advanced study of specialized topics with
faculty advisor.
Prerequisite: instructor’s approval.
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