Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 80

The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
contemporary drama and other categories of written
C478 Classical to Contemporary Rhetoric Theory (3)
A survey of major theories of rhetoric from the 5th
century B.C. to the present.
C480 Digital Photography (3)
From handheld to professional SLR cameras, students
will learn the basics of equipment and advanced methods
to make photographs look more professional. This class
will cover how to connect, download and upload your
digital images to CDs, the web or for print. Everything
from file management to composition, this class covers a
wide range of techniques to make students better, more
effective photographers. (Fee: $50.)
C481 Argumentation & Debate (3)
Theories of argumentation including the analysis of
propositions, issues, evidence and reasoning. Training and
experience in debate forms.
C484 Organizational Communication (3)
Communicative behavior in organizations. Attention will
be given to change, conflict reduction, decision-making,
leadership and networks as communication variables.
C488 Rhetoric of Religion (3)
Religious advocacy and persuasion. Topics include the
strategic use of language and symbolism in religious
discourse, forms of religious persuasion, conversion
argument and the psychology of the audience and
discussions of the problem of evil.
C498 Communication Theories (3)
A sur vey of the basic theories associated with
human communication. Provides students with a
practical understanding of how the major variables of
communication systems interact and how information is
processed by individuals.
C499 Directed Studies in Communication (1-3)
Individual research and readings in an area of
communication determined in consultation with the
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