Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 77

familiar modern format. Also included will be film’s
influence on society and the biblical response.
C208 Sound Engineering II (3)
Study of advanced sound engineering techniques using
studio location.
Prerequisite: C201.
C211 Introduction to Mass Communication (3)
Study of the communicative function of the mass media
and the impact of films, radio, television, newspapers,
magazines and books on society.
C221 Moving Image Criticism (3)
Learning theories of criticism, viewing films and writing
C231 Digital Video Editing I (3)
Editing theory and application of the digital moving
image. (Fee: $50.)
C232 Digital Video Editing II (3)
Editing theory and application of the digital moving image.
Prerequisite: C231.
(Fee: $50.)
C234 Travel Writing (3)
Techniques for crafting publishable articles on travel
writing in a field that is featured both in magazines and in
every major U.S. newspaper. (Fee: $20.)
C251 The Scene (3)
A workshop-style study of the scene as the key cellular
element of story telling, including structure, interpretation,
break down, directing the actor, blocking and camera
coverage. (Fee: $50.)
C254 Journal & Autobiographical Writing (3)
Exploration of journal keeping and autobiographical
writing with surveys of secular and Christian works in
the genres. Requires daily journal writing and short self-
discovery papers.
C264 Women Writers (3)
A study of Southern women writers and Virginia Woolf
with the purpose of exploring the particular contributions
and understandings offered by women. (Fee: $20.)
C284 Group Dynamics (3)
The process of group communication including verbal
and nonverbal messages, leadership, rules and roles,
cohesiveness, conflict reduction and problem solving.
C301 Semiotics: Theories of Visual Montage (3)
Montage: Theory, history, practice.
C305 Flash Animation (3)
This class introduces students to the concept of 2D
animation and interactive functionality for the Web.
Adobe™Flash™ is an industry standard and this class
will demonstrate the tools, creativity and production
techniques of this powerful application.
C306 Web Design (3)
This class introduces students to the production of
websites. Applications covered are Adobe™Photoshop™
and Adobe™Dreamweaver™ which are both used in the
construction of individual pages, interface design and
multi-page sites. From concept to publishing, this class
will demonstrate the procedures necessary to make an
online presence look professional.
C311 Video Production I (3)
Introduction to the video technical language; creative and
aesthetic elements of the production process. Student will
gain understanding of lighting, sound, camera operation,
composition and design of visual elements. (Fee: $50.)
C312 Video Production II (3)
A continuation of the subjects of Video Production I.
Prerequisite: C311.
(Fee: $50.)
C321 Screenwriting I (3)
An introduction to the styles, techniques, content and
forms of screenwriting. The writing of several short
scripts is required.
C328 Screenwriting II (3)
Individual attention with a screenplay.
C329 Film History II (3)
A continuation of material taught in Film History I.
Prerequisite: C202
C336 Political Communication (3)
A study of the various media and their impact on politics.
Particular emphasis on television, political cartoons and
C344 Article Writing (3)
Students are introduced to the basics of professional
journalism, writing features, Q&A articles and news articles
on deadline as part of an actual campus publication.
Assignments include covering a beat, story selection,
subject interviews, fact checking, writing, revising and
editing. Students are also introduced to Associated Press
C351 Creative Writing (3)
The short story form, including plot, characterization and
dialogue. (Fee: $20.)
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