Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 61

Biological and Physical Sciences
Biological and Physical Sciences
Dr. Joseph W. Francis, Chairperson
The Department of Biological and Physical Sciences
spans the disciplines of Biology, Zoology, Botany,
Chemistry, and Physical Science. The department
seeks to produce in students the ability to carefully
analyze any area of knowledge that intersects these
diverse disciplines. The department strives to instill
in students the desire to be professionally competent,
to develop lifelong patterns of intellectual growth,
and to be uncompromising in their faith. This is ac-
complished by a consideration of historically tested
facts and current perspectives in the various scientific
disciplines in addition to the Word of God. The inter-
nally consistent outcome of these studies form a basis
for the accurate evaluation of science past, present
and yet future. The goal of all instruction is to send
forth the saints with an understanding of science, so
that through their professional, academic and spiri-
tual testimony, the Master is presented and exalted.
Career Opportunities
The training students receive at The Master’s College
in biological and physical sciences helps them prepare
for the following careers:
• Biochemist
• Zoologist
• Dietitian
• Ecologist
• Laboratory Technician • Marine Biologist
• Dentist
• Pharmacist
• Physician
• Microbiologist
• Veterinarian
• Park Ranger
• Nurse
Students in the Natural History/Environmental
Biology Emphasis Courses can complete certifications
as a certified naturalist, certified land resources
analyst, certified water resources analyst, or certified
environmental analyst in conjunction with The
Master’s College and the AuSable Institute. Interested
students should coordinate their program early in
their college years with Dr. Englin.
Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Students are encouraged to pursue personalized
scholarship opportunities with individual faculty in
the department. A particular forte of our institu-
tion is the interest and emphasis of our faculty in
creation science research. Students may translate
such research opportunities into academic credit
toward graduation in the form of practicums in in-
dustrial settings and/or scholarly articles presented to
academic and professional societies.
Credit-by-examination in the department will be
granted for certain course segments if the student
has scored 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Pro-
gram examination of the Educational Testing Ser-
vice, or a score of 55 or above on the College Level
Examination Program test. This applies to granting:
Chemistry examination - 4 hours of CH151 Gen-
eral Chemistry. (Biology majors must take CH152
at college level.) Biology examination - 3 hours of
LS151 Organismic Biology.
Comprehensive Exam
Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in
Biology will be required to take a comprehensive
discipline-specific examination in their senior year,
prior to graduation.
Total core courses..................................................................... 53
i...,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60 62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,...183
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