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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
Other Languages (TESOL) in the United States and
abroad. Language learning theory, teaching history and
methodology, lesson planning and curriculum evaluation
will be explored. Classroom observation and participation
with ESL language students and teachers will be included.
ESL313 Introduction to Linguistics (3)
This course is a survey of the linguistic principles of
morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonetics,
phonology, and sociolinguistics. Students will develop the
basic skills needed for the linguistic analysis of languages.
ESL322 Methodology (3)
This practical course will give attention to the skills
of teaching, speaking, listening, reading, and writing
to novice, intermediate, and advanced students. It will
include theoretical foundations, activity design and
delivery, practice teaching in the learning classroom,
ESL classroom observation, and participation with ESL
Prerequisite: ESL311.
ESL330 Community Lab (1)
The community lab is designed to gain exposure to and
experience in teaching English to Speakers of Other
Languages. Students will be guided to observe ESL
teachers and students in a variety of classroom settings,
as well as, provide tutoring assistance for English learners.
ESL351 Language Acquisition (3)
This course will explore the practical and theoretical
structures of language. Attention will be given to the first
and second language acquisition as they apply to English
language teachers.
ESL352 Pedagogical Grammar (3)
This course will introduce students to methods and
approaches to teaching English grammar to language
learners. Students will develop their own grammatical
skills and learn to evaluate common needs of English
language learners. By the end of the course, students
will be able to clearly articulate structures of the English
language (syntax), as well as, utilize sound pedagogy in
order to provide language learners with a solid grammatical
ESL492 Practicum (3)
Students will be guided to locate a teaching setting, assess
needs, and design materials as needed for the setting. The
student will then complete 70-80 hours of ESL classroom
teaching within 6-7 weeks with an acceptable degree of
success. All ESL required classes must be completed prior
to the teaching experience.
Israel Bible EXtension
The Israel Bible EXtension program, called “IBEX,”
is The Master’s College (TMC) extension program
in Israel. The IBEX program provides a unique
laboratory experience, studying the Bible in the
Land of the Bible. This semester abroad program
consists of 13-16 credits and is crafted to meet
select general education requirements. In addition
to the semester-abroad program, other short term
programs are available (see Cooperative Programs for
details). Students must apply for the IBEX program
and space is limited. Participants should apply early
in their college program, maintain a college GPA of
2.75 or higher, and have completed Old Testament
Survey I (B100 ) or a college-level equivalent and meet
medical requirements. Students should consult with
their academic advisor regarding feasibility of the
IBEX program with their selected major.
Our extension campus is in the Jerusalem vicinity.
Facilities include dormitory, cafeteria, library and
lecture hall. Wireless access is available at the IBEX
The price for a semester in Israel (including tuition,
full board and field trip expenses) is the same as that
of a TMC student living on the California campus.
Students are charged for airfare.
Semester Abroad.
IBEX is a full semester
abroad program, which provides a quality
educational opportunity for students who
wish to enhance their knowledge of the
geographical, historical, archaeological and
cultural understanding of the land of Israel,
both ancient and modern. Classroom lectures
are integrated with frequent field trips; together,
these expose the student to the land and to every
period of the history of the people of that land.
The student’s educational experience, as well
as his/her personal maturation, is significantly
enhanced by the cross-cultural experience which
the semester-abroad program provides.
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