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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
in our lives, what it means to be created female with
its joys and challenges, Christian ministry for women
and their commitment to the church, evangelism and
outreach, trials and adversity, stewardship of time and
stewardship of finances. Students will write responses
to the content they read and apply it to their own lives.
Prerequisite: For women only.
BMN370 Sermon Preparation & Delivery (3)
An investigation of the biblical idea of preaching and
instruction in the principles and practices of sermonic
analysis and structure. Opportunity is afforded each
student to prepare and present expository sermons before
the class. Critical analyses are given by the professor and
Prerequisite: For men only.
BMN399 Biblical Perspectives on Suffering &
Disability (3)
This course is designed to develop a biblical understanding
of those who suffer or struggle with disability, and to
explore the impact on individuals and their families.
Major topics include: (1) an overview of disabilities; (2) an
understanding of biblical teaching related to disability and
suffering; (3) a focus on physical, intellectual, emotional
and sensory disabilities; and (4) an understanding of how
to offer support and help to individuals and families
affected by disability and/or suffering. Each Christian will
experience some degree of suffering since God uses this
to conform believers to the image of Christ. One of the
primary purposes of this course is to connect challenges
encountered by people affected by disabilities with the rest
of the Christian community who also face sufferings of
various kinds. A corollary to this objective is to develop
reciprocity between the two groups, each learning from
the other that God’s grace is sufficient in all circumstances.
BMN498 Ministry Area Study (2)
A concentrated study in an area of ministry, whether it be
in the local church, a parachurch organization, etc.
BTH321 Christian Theology I (3)
A survey of Christian theology in the areas of God
(Theology Proper), the Bible (Bibliology), angels- including
Satan and demons (Angelology), Christ (Christology), and
the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology).
BTH322 Christian Theology II (3)
A sur vey of Christian theology in the areas of
humanity (Anthropology), sin (Hamartiology), salvation
(Soteriology), the church (Ecclesiology), and last things
BTH327 New Testament Theology (3)
An introduction to the theory, method, and content of
New Testament theology. Various approaches to New
Testament theology will be critically appraised. Special
attention will be given to how the Old Testament and its
interpretation within second temple Judaism formed the
ideological background for New Testament theology. The
content of New Testament theology will be discussed
with particular focus on the theologies of Matthew, Luke,
Paul, and John.
BTH328 Old Testament Theology (3)
A study of the distinctive viewpoints of each period of
Old Testament history with respect to the major points of
theology. It will be accomplished by means of exegesis and
collation of passages independently of any philosophic
BTH337 Theology of God (3)
An in-depth study of the doctrine of God, including His
existence, names, attributes, and the Trinity.
BTH347 Theology of Angels (2)
An in-depth study of the doctrine of angels, their origin,
fall, present ministry and their future.
BTH348 Theology of Man & Sin (3)
An in-depth study of the creation, characteristics, and
composition of human nature, the origin and nature of
sin, and contemporary issues in theological anthropology
and hamartiology.
BTH357 Theology of Christ (3)
An in-depth study of the doctrine of Christ, including
His birth, death, resurrection, deity, and kenosis.
BTH358 Theology of Salvation (3)
An in-depth analysis of the doctrine of salvation, including
the atonement, election, regeneration, justification,
sanctification, and perseverance.
BTH367 Theology of the Scriptures (3)
An in-depth study of the doctrines of the Bible,
including such issues as revelation, inspiration, inerrancy,
preservation, canonicity, and translations/versions.
BTH368 Theology of the Church (3)
An in-depth study of the origin, nature, purpose,
ordinances, and government of the church with particular
attention given to the various conceptions of the church
in the history of theology. Key contemporary issues in
ecclesiology will be examined with the intent of gaining
biblically sound conclusions.
BTH373, 374 Historical Theology I, II (3, 3)
A study of the historical development of Christian
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