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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
BCH464 The Reformation Era, 1500-1648 (3)
A study of the historical/theological development of
the Reformation and post-Reformation period through
Calvin. Other areas of the Reformation not covered in
class lectures are pursued through research papers and
class discussion.
Same as H464.
BCH485, 486 U.S. Church History I, II (3, 3)
The first semester is a historical survey of American
Protestantism as it sought to develop and mold a “Christian
America.” The period emphasized is from the First Great
Awakening to the Civil War. The second semester begins
with the post-Civil War church and charts the course of
American Protestantism from its perceived height of unity
to its shattered ending in the modernist/fundamentalist
controversy, and concludes with the rebuilding of modern
evangelism beginning in the 1930s.
Same as H485, 486.
BCH498 Church History Area Study (2)
A concentrated study in church history, which may include
a period of time or a specialized topic.
BMS301 Introduction to Missions (3)
A general introduction to the principles and practices in
Christian missions, surveying the biblical basis of missions,
the missionary call, the missionary life and work, mission
boards, and the mission program of the church.
BMS303 History & Theory of Missions (3)
A study of the background, origin and expansion of
the Christian church, with attention to the people and
dynamics which have contributed to its growth.
BMS304 Biblical Method of Missions (3)
A study concentrating on the Pauline missionary method
in Acts and the epistles, the indigenous principle, and some
evaluation of contemporary missionary strategy.
BMS311 Introduction to Urban Ministry (3)
This course is designed to acquaint students with the
dynamics of inner city ministry by developing a biblical
theology of church ministry, investigating how principles
of missions are implemented in urban churches within the
greater Los Angeles area, and evaluating the effectiveness
of urban ministries which emphasizes an Incarnational
model of ministry. Students will be required to complete
a semester-long, field-based internship to receive credit
for this course. (Fee: $50)
BMS312 Preparation for Global Outreach (3)
A practical training course focusing on the preparation
of those students participating in the summer missions
program. Topics include cross-cultural ministry, dealing
with culture shock, evangelism, travel requirements and
a specific country study (economics, history, traditions,
politics, and ministries). This course may only be taken
one time.
BMS317 Cross-Cultural Communication (3)
A study of the dynamics of communication and leadership
in working effectively across cultures. Emphasizes the
importance of understanding the world view of both
the source culture and the receptor culture. Includes
a treatment of diverse perceptions, values, means of
expression, logic and linguistic difficulties.
BMS336 Cross-Cultural Church Planting (3)
Consideration of the biblical mandates given for
establishing God’s church among the ethne will provide the
framework for this course. Particular topics investigated
will include recognizing the unique characteristics of a
culture, consideration of unexpected opportunities and
obstacles to establishing a nationally led church, the
process of evangelism, discipleship and raising up of
national leadership.
BMS341 Cultural Anthropology (3)
This course is an introduction to cultural anthropology
to assist students in developing the skills to personally
acquire an accurate understanding of various cultures
through exposure to field methods of studying, describing,
analyzing, and applying culture. Subject matter will be
addressed from a biblical worldview to understand and
discern the process of culture research and personal
communication in another culture. Some of the topics to
be addressed will include language, kinship, relationships,
daily life patterns, education, and rituals.
BMS365 Gospel Living (3)
This workshop will investigate both the theological and
practical issues involved in living a life focused on calling
people to be reconciled to God. The course content will
include an introduction to evangelism and missionary care
through a local church. Class will include site visits to local
organizations and ministries, and students will be involved
practically in support ministries and outreach opportunities
in the local community.
BMS385 World Religions (3)
A study of major non-Christian religious systems in the
world. The claims of each will be compared with the
absolute truth and adequacy of biblical faith.
BMS397 Missionary Biography (3)
The course will require extensive reading and evaluation
of selected biographies of great missionaries such as
Carey, Brainard, Judson, Moffat and Goforth. Missionary
methods will be compared and evaluated.
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