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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
counseling that are needed, the place of counseling in the
ministry of the church, how biblical counseling theory
and practice relate to and differ from some of the more
common secular models and theories. Part of the course
will involve a personal improvement project in which the
student will evaluate his/her own counseling qualifications,
design a plan for improving some area of his/her life, put
that plan into action, and then evaluate his/her progress
as the course draws to a close.
BC311 Theological Basis of Biblical Counseling (3)
A consideration of the theological realities that form the
basis of a proper approach to counseling. Special emphasis
is given to the nature of God and of man (unfallen and
fallen), a biblical definition of the image of God, the
nature of sin, the realities of regeneration and progressive
sanctification, the concept of “the flesh” (old man/new
man), an understanding of the heart/mind as used in
Scripture, and the place of the local church in the ministry
of counseling.
BC330 Methods of Biblical Change (3)
An overview of the counseling process presenting a
comprehensive methodological model for promoting
biblical change in people. The goal is to encourage biblical
thinking and procedures in the process of helping people.
Prerequisite: BC300.
BC340 Marriage & Family (3)
Marriage and family problems are present in the majority
of counseling cases. This course will give an overview of
general marriage and family counseling issues relating to
the content and process of counseling. It will then proceed
to specifically deal (from a biblical perspective) with the
major difficulties that troubled marriages and families
experience. Included in the course are discussions of the
biblical basis and purposes of marriage, family stages, in-
law problems, developing unity, husband/wife roles and
responsibilities, correcting communication problems, why
conflicts arise and how to resolve them. The fall course
will be for Counseling majors only, while the spring course
will be for anyone.
BC341 Women Discipling Women (3)
This course provides basic training in developing a
discipling relationship for the purpose of a person growing
in Christlikeness through the application of God’s Word
and the Gospel which has the power to transform. Topics
include the priority of discipleship, a biblical definition of
discipleship, and training in the “how to’s” of dsiscipleship.
Prerequisite: women only.
BC342 Counseling Women (3)
This course outlines the basic concepts and distinctive
features of woman-to-woman biblical counseling. It will
focus on Gospel-centered counseling, that is, the process
of one Christian woman coming alongside another woman
with words of truth from God’s Word to encourage,
admonish, comfort, and challenge her. These words of
truth are grounded in the saving work of Christ and
presented in the context of relationship. The course
will present the practical principles of understanding
how the Gospel applies to every area of life. Discussions
will include a description of the qualifications of the
biblical counselors, the roles of the counselor in biblical
counseling and the role of counseling in the ministry
of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on the
theological foundations of biblical counseling and the key
aspects of progressive sanctification. In addition, practical
suggestions will be given concerning the counseling
process which brings broken and hurting people to the
love of Christ and His sufficient Word. Case studies will be
utilized to enhance learning. The goal is to equip women
to fulfill their scriptural mandate to mentor/counsel other
women and bring ultimate glory to God.
BC352 Counseling and the Book of Proverbs (3)
This course is an expositional study of Proverbs with
special emphasis on its relevance to counseling.
BC362 Biblical Conflict Resolution (2)
This course is designed to help the student think biblically
about conflict and how to respond to life’s conflicts in a
way that glorifies the Lord (1 Cor 10:31). In particular,
the student will be taught a model and a plan for how to
think about struggles in relationships and evaluate their
own typical patterns of response. These principles apply
to business and the church, but there will be a special focus
on handling marriage difficulties.
BC391 Counseling & the Book of Ecclesiastes (3)
This course is designed to help the counselor to work
with individuals who are struggling with materialistic
BC421, 422 Problems & Procedures I, II (3, 2)
These courses are designed to apply the biblical principles
taught in Methods of Biblical Change (BC330) to a range
of specific counseling problems. Topics discussed include
anger, fear, depression, sexual deviancy, anxiety, eating
disorders, decision making, one’s past, self-concept,
various syndromes, ADHD, and crisis counseling. During
the second semester of this course, each student will be
part of a team that will develop and present to the class a
detailed biblical counseling outline for a teacher-approved
counseling problem.
Prerequisite: BC300, BC330.
BC431, 432 Counseling Practicum I, II (2, 2)
These courses are designed to consider the practical
application of the principles of biblical counseling and
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