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Academic Programs Overview
16 semester hours of credit.
This program is sponsored by
The Master’s College & Seminary.
Russian Studies Program (RSP)
RSP strives to give students a broad learning experience
in the largest nation in the world. RSP students are
exposed to the depth and diversity of Russian culture
through encounters with the Federation’s three
largest cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhni
Novgorod. Students are offered three seminar courses
(entitled History and Sociology of Religion in Russia;
Russian Peoples, Culture and Literature; and Russia
in Transition), and receive instruction in the Russian
language, choosing either four or six semester hours of
language coursework. For those choosing four hours
of Russian, a seminar course, International Relations
and Business in Russia, is available. The majority of the
semester is spent in Nizhni Novgorod, where students
complete intensive language instruction, participate
in service learning and live with a Russian family.
Additionally, students study in Moscow, the heart of
both medieval and modern Russia, and the intriguing
city of St. Petersburg, the Russian “window to the
West.” Students earn 16 semester hours of credit.
program is sponsored by The Master’s College & Seminary.
The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO)
The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford is designed for
students who want to study intensively and to a high
standard. Students develop their academic writing and
research skills and explore the disciplines and interests
of their choice. As Visiting Students of Oxford
University and members of Wycliffe Hall, students
study in the oldest university in the English speaking
world. SSO students enroll in a primary and secondary
tutorial, an integrative seminar (or thesis in the case
of second term students), and the British landscape
course. Students group their work in a concentration
so that all elements of their programme work together.
SSO is designed for students interested in classics,
English language and literature, theology and the study
of religion, philosophy, and history, though all majors
may apply. Applicants are generally honors and other
very high-achieving students and must have a 3.5 GPA
to be considered for the programme. Students earn
17 semester hours of credit for a semester and may
complete two semesters of the programme.
This program
is sponsored by The Master’s College & Seminary.
Uganda Studies Program (USP)
The Uganda Studies Program provides students with
both immersion in a local community and broad expo-
sure to a variety of people and places in Uganda and
Rwanda. Students in the Uganda Studies Emphasis
(USE) live on campus at Uganda Christian University
(an international affiliate of the CCCU), sharing their
lives with university students from Uganda and other
parts of Africa. Students in the Intercultural Ministry
& Missions Emphasis (IMME) live with host families
within walking distance of the university. All USP
students take classes from UCU professors and share
meals with UCU students. These relationships give
students a first hand perspective as they explore issues
such as poverty, aid and missions, and as they seek to
reconcile the realities of East Africa with their Christian
faith. Students also spend time in Rwanda and rural
Uganda. In addition to the core experiential course,
students will choose from an approved selection of
courses from the UCU Honours College to earn up
to 16 hours of credit.
This program is sponsored by The
Master’s College & Seminary.
Washington Journalism Center (WJC)
TheWashington JournalismCenter (WJC) is a semester-
long study program in Washington, D.C., created for
students interested in the field of journalism. While
in Washington students take classes focusing on
their personal writing skills and on the history and
future of the media. These classes—Foundations for
Media Involvement; Reporting in Washington; and
Washington, News and Public Discourse—combined
with an internship at a top news publication help
students learn to integrate their faith in a journalism
career. Students also participate in service learning
opportunities as part of the WJC experience. Students
earn 16 semester hours of credit.
This program is
sponsored by The Master’s College & Seminary.
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