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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
16 semester hours of credit.
This program is sponsored by The Master’s College &Seminary.
China Studies Program (CSP)
The China Studies Program enables students to
engage China’s ancient history and intrigue from an
insider’s perspective. While immersed in Chinese
culture, students participate in seminar courses on the
historical, cultural, religious, geographic and economic
realities of this strategic and populous nation. Students
choose between completing a broad Chinese Studies
Concentration or a Business Concentration, which
includes an internship at an international business in
China. Students also study standard Chinese language
and apply their skills by serving in an orphanage or
tutoring Chinese students in English. The program
begins and finishes the semester in Hong Kong
and introduces students to the diversity of China,
including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Xiamen. This
interdisciplinary, cross-cultural program enables
students to communicate and understand the unique
culture and people of China with an informed, Christ-
centered perspective. Students earn 16-17 semester
hours of credit.
This program is sponsored by The Master’s
College & Seminary.
Contemporary Music Center (CMC)
The Contemporary Music Center provides students
with the opportunity to live and work in the refining
context of community while seeking to understand how
God will have them integrate music, faith and business.
The CMC offers three tracks: Artist, Executive and
Technical. The Artist Track is tailored to students
considering careers as vocalists, musicians, songwriters,
recording artists, performers and producers. The
Executive Track is designed for business, arts
management, marketing, communications and related
majors interested in possible careers as artist managers,
agents, record company executives, music publishers,
concert promoters and entertainment industry
entrepreneurs. The Technical Track prepares students
for careers in live sound, concert lighting and studio
recording. Students within each of the tracks receive
instruction, experience and a uniquely Christ-centered
perspective on creativity and the marketplace, while
working together to create and market a recording
of original music. Each track includes coursework,
labs, directed study and a practicum. Students earn 16
semester hours of credit.
This program is sponsored by The
Master’s College & Seminary.
Israel Bible EXtension (IBEX)
This 15-week semester abroad program is a high
quality educational opportunity in Israel for students
who wish to enhance their knowledge of the Bible’s
historical, archaeological and geographic background.
Classroom lectures are integrated with extensive field
trips. Together, these expose the student to every
corner of the land and to every period of the history
of the people of that land. The student’s educational
experience, as well as his/her personal maturation,
will be significantly enhanced by the cross-cultural
experience which the semester provides. Students
must apply for this program, be in reasonable physical
condition and free of medical limitations, and must
have completed Old Testament Survey I prior to
participation. For information on IBEX, see the IBEX
pages within the Biblical Studies section of this catalog
and/or contact the IBEX Office at 1-800-568-6248.
This program is sponsored by The Master’s College &Seminary.
Latin American Studies Program (LASP)
Based in San José, Costa Rica, the Latin American
Studies Program introduces students to a wide range
of experiences through the study of the language,
literature, culture, politics, history, economics, ecology
and religion of the region. Through living with local
families, students become a part of the day-to-day
lives of Latin Americans. Students also take part in
a practicum/internship and travel to nearby Central
American nations. Students participate in one of
four concentrations: Latin American studies (offered
both fall and spring terms); advanced language and
literature (designed for Spanish majors and offered
both fall and spring terms); international business
(offered only in fall terms); and environmental science
(offered only during spring terms). Depending on
their concentration, students travel to nearby Central
American nations including Nicaragua, Guatemala,
Cuba and Panama. Students in all concentrations earn
16-18 semester credits.
This program is sponsored by The
Master’s College & Seminary.
Middle East Studies Program (MESP)
Based in Cairo, Egypt, this program offers students
a unique opportunity to explore and interact with
the complex and strategically important world of the
modernMiddle East. Students explore diverse religious,
social, cultural and political traditions of Middle
Eastern peoples through interdisciplinary seminars.
They also study the Arabic language and may work as
volunteers with various organizations in Cairo. Through
travel in the region (typically Israel, Palestine, Lebanon,
Jordan, Syria and Turkey), students are exposed to
the diversity and dynamism of the local culture. At a
time of tension and change in the Middle East, MESP
encourages and equips students to relate to the Muslim,
Eastern Christian and Jewish worlds in an informed,
constructive and Christ-centered manner. Students earn
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