Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 26

The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
BL - Bible: Biblical Languages
BMN - Bible: Ministries
BMS - Bible: Intercultural Studies
BTH - Bible: Theology
- Bible: Youth Ministry
- Business
CH - Chemistry
CHIN - Chinese
- Communication
- Computer Science
- English
ESL - English as a Second Language
ECN - Economics
- Education
FIN - Finance
- History
HE-FCS -Home Economics - Family &
Consumer Sciences
HU - Humanities
IA - Intercollegiate Athletics
IBEX - Israel Bible Extension
INB - International Business
ITA - Italian
KPE - Kinesiology and Physical Education
- Life Science
MA - Mathematics
MGT - Management
MIS - Management Information Systems
MKT - Marketing
MU - Music
- Philosophy
PS - Physical Science
POL - Political Studies
SP - Spanish
- Social Science
TH - Theatre Arts
Course Numbering System
The first digit in the course number indicates the year
during which a student will typically take that course.
• 100-199 are freshman level courses
• 200-299 are sophomore level courses
• 300-399 are junior level courses
• 400-499 are senior level courses
• 500-599 are graduate level courses
• 600-699 are graduate level courses
The third digit in the course number usually indicates
the frequency at which the course is offered. Thus:
There is an application requiring a fee, personal
statements, high school transcripts, and pastoral
and educator recommendations. These should be
submitted to the Admissions Department.
For more information visit
Transfer Student
A student who enters TMC
with at least 24 semester units (36 quarter units)
of accepted college level coursework from another
college or university. College level credit earned prior
to high school graduation, as well as any credit by
examination, does not count toward determining
whether a student has reached transfer status.
Business Department Course Transfer Policy
The Master’s College Department of Business
Administration seeks to insure the quality of its
curriculum as reflected in its graduates. One way
this quality is safeguarded is through limiting the
coursework which may be transferred into the
program. With this in mind, the following protocol
has been adopted by the Business faculty:
1. Only the equivalents of MA090, ECN200, and
ECN210 will be accepted in transfer for TMC
Business courses from a two-year college. No
other courses will be accepted by TMC’s Business
Department from a two-year college.
2. Lower-division courses are not accepted in
transfer for upper-division Business Department
3. The Business Department reserves the right to
assess the student’s prior coursework in the relevant
subject area before accepting a course in transfer.
4. Once a student has declared a TMC Business
major, all remaining Business courses must be
completed at TMC.
Letter Designations of Courses
ACC - Accounting
ART - Art
B - Bible: General
BC - Bible: Biblical Counseling
BCE - Bible: Educational Ministries
BCH - Bible: Church History
BCW - Bible: Christian World View
BE - Behavioral Studies
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