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General Education
The general education courses taken by all students
are designed to be the foundation for a liberal arts
education. A liberal arts education aims to expose
students to a wide variety of values, ideas and
assumptions that will help them better appreciate
the responsibilities and benefits of a free society.
It is also designed to give them a common core of
knowledge which will aid in understanding their
society and culture.
The college has developed a general education
program designed to form the minimum core of each
student’s liberal arts education. Each candidate for a
bachelor’s degree must complete a minimum of 68-71
semester units of general education requirements.
Some courses could satisfy a general education
requirement in several possible areas. In these
cases, the student must declare which general
education requirement a course is intended to satisfy.
One course can be used to satisfy ONLY ONE
These requirements may be completed through
courses accepted by the Office of the Registrar upon
transfer or through specifically designated courses
distributed in the following areas:
Upper Division Bible Electives (6)
A student entering the college as a freshman is
required to take all of the Biblical Studies courses
listed above. Any student entering TMC having
attended an accredited college or university for at
least two semesters after high school graduation and
earning at least 24 units of accepted transfer work is
required to take one of the above courses for each
semester of full-time attendance. Transfer students
must begin with courses from the Old Testament,
New Testament, and Christian Theology sequences
prior to taking the upper-division Bible electives. No
other courses will satisfy these requirements.
Note: All students majoring in Bible may substitute
(for men) or
for women).
Cross Cultural Studies (3 or 6)
Option A: Complete any one of the following
courses and its accompanying missions
mester program:
Option B: Any 6 units of coursework from
the following:
- INB311 Global Business Strategies (3)
- INB372 International Business
Marketing (3)
- INB488 International Business
Experience (3)
Note: Additional courses may be approved in the
future that will also satisfy this requirement.
Requests for exemption from the
cross-cultural studies requirements will be accepted
according to the following guidelines:
1. All internationally-born students who have lived
outside of the United States for five of the last
ten years may be exempted.
Academic Information
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