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Withdrawal from classes may affect a student’s
eligibility for future aid. Students should consult the
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, or the Office
of Financial Aid to determine if dropping classes will
affect their eligibility for future aid.
Return of Title IV Funds
The Higher Education Reconciliation Act of 2008
changed the formula for calculating the amount
of aid a student and school can retain when the
student totally withdraws from all classes. Students
who withdraw from all classes prior to completing
60% of the semester will have their eligibility for aid
recalculated based on the percentage of the semester
completed. The Office of Financial Aid encourages
students to read a complete copy of this policy
carefully. Students considering withdrawal from all
classes PRIOR to completing 60% of the semester,
should contact the Office of Financial Aid to see
how that withdrawal may affect their financial aid.
On the previous two pages are descriptions of
Scholarships, Work Study Program, Grants and
Loans that are available to those students who qualify.
In compliancewith theHigher EducationOpportunity
Act, students can access compliance and consumer
information for The Master’s College at:
The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
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