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New Students
January applicants can expect to receive a notice
instructing them where to retrieve their award by
mid March. Be aware, the “wait period” between
application and award lengthens the longer one
waits to complete financial aid paperwork. The
statement of principles of good practice, established
by the National Association for College Admission
Counseling, permits first year candidates for fall
admission to choose, without penalty, among offers
of admission and financial aid until May 1. After May
1 students have 15 business days to respond to their
financial aid offer or their financial aid is subject to
Continuing Students
Continuing students will be notified of their financial
aid offer through an e-mail instructing them how to
retrieve their financial aid award. January applicants
can expect to receive a letter by mid March although
the “wait period” between application and award
lengthens the longer one waits to complete financial
aid paperwork. Students have 15 business days to
respond to the financial aid offer (either in part or
in whole). Aid is subject to cancellation after 15 days
if no response is received.
Verification is the process of confirming the accuracy
of information reported on the FAFSA. All students
selected for verification by the Federal Government
are required for verification at The Master’s College.
A student required for verification will need to
submit a Federal Verification Worksheet along with,
completion of IRS Data Retrieval or IRS transcript.
This process is required of The Master’s College by
the Federal Government in order to help maintain
the integrity of the Federal Student Aid program.
Online Awards
Award letters contain confidential information and
are located on the TMC secure site. In order to
keep the site secure, students are not to share their
password with anyone, including their parents.
ach student must maintain a cumulative
grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher
for each semester of attendance. Cumulative
GPA is based on institutional credit hours only.
A student must also complete 80 percent of the
institutional units he/she has attempted. For
example, a student who attempts 30 credit hours for
the first year must complete 24 of those credit hours.
A student who has attempted 60 credit hours by the
end of the second year must have completed 48 of
these credit hours. A student must also demonstrate
progress toward graduation. The time-frame in
which a student finishes his degree cannot exceed
150% of the published length of the program. For
example, for an academic program with a program
length of 122 units, the time-frame of completion
cannot exceed 183 units. Part-time students must
also complete 80 of their attempted units. “F” grades,
incompletes, withdrawals, and “no credit” marks
affect your GPA as outlined in the school catalog.
Eva l ua t i on of Student ’s Progress
GPA and unit evaluation is done at the beginning of
each semester. If either of the criteria are not met at
their times of evaluation, the student will be notified
of his/her failure to meet the qualifications and the
student will be placed on Financial Aid Warning.
Financial Aid Warning for Failure to Meet
the GPA Requirement
If a student is put on Financial Aid Warning for
failure to meet the cumulative GPA requirement, the
student has one semester to receive a cumulative GPA
of 2.00. The student must maintain a 2.00 cumulative
GPA for one semester before being removed from
Financial Aid Warning.
If, within the semester of the beginning of
Financial Aid Warning, the student does not
receive a cumulative GPA of 2.00, the student will
have all financial aid suspended until they have
met the 2.00 cumulative GPA requirement.
maintaining a 2.00 cumulative GPA for one semester,
the student will again be eligible for financial aid.
If a student is academically suspended, the student
must complete the readmission procedures for an
academically disqualified student as outlined in the
student catalog. The student must then meet the
2.00 cumulative GPA requirement for one semester
before that student will be eligible for financial aid.
After such a time as the requirements have been met,
the student may again apply for financial aid.
The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
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