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to defer an applicant’s entrance until such a time
as it deems appropriate.
Transfer Applicants
An individual will be classified as a transfer student
if he/she has completed 24 or more semester units
(36 or more quarter units) of transferable college
coursework at the time of application to TMC.
College-level units earned prior to high school
graduation (including dual enrollment units and
credit-by-examination) are not counted toward
this total. Students desiring to transfer must file an
application for admission and submit official copies
of all college transcripts regardless of their intent
to receive credit. Students desiring to transfer from
Christian colleges should also provide a completed
Christian College Transfer Recommendation Form
(available at
Students who wish to transfer to TMC from another
college or university, but will not have completed 24
post-high school semester units (36 quarter units) at
the time of application, will be considered freshman
with prior college credit. This will not affect such
students’ eligibility for admission; however, it will
require them to submit their official high school
transcript containing their high school GPA, along
with ACT or SAT test scores.
College transcripts from other institutions are
evaluated and credit is awarded prior to the student’s
first semester at The Master’s College. For financial
aid and degree planning purposes, this evaluation is
made available to both the student and the academic
advisor. Any additional transcripts received after the
semester has begun will be evaluated immediately and
credit awarded within four weeks of their receipt by
the Registrar’s Office.
Requirements for International Students
in Undergraduate and Graduate Level
Since 1949 The Master’s College has been authorized
under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien
students. Students from abroad are welcome,
provided they meet the admission requirements
of the college. International students are urged to
contact the International Admissions Counselor or
view the college’s website to obtain the appropriate
application forms. The following are requirements
for both The Master’s College and U.S. Immigration:
1. International students must submit transcripts
reflecting the completion of high school
education or the equivalent of it for the
undergraduate programs. Graduate level
programs require completion of a bachelor’s
degree or the equivalent. All transcripts must
be translated into English and must be official
2. All applicants to The Master’s College must
submit an acceptable standardized test score.
If the student’s first language is English, he or
she may submit the SAT I (school code 4411) or
ACT (school code 0303). Non-native speakers
of English should submit a score from either the
TOEFL (school code 4411) or the IELTS.
Minimum scores required for entry into the college
programs are as follows:
3. Certification of finances is required for all
international students to reflect that they have
necessary funds to pay for all tuition and related
costs of living for at least their first year of
schooling. Limited financial assistance is available
from The Master’s College and a Financial Aid
Application may be requested through the
International Admissions Counselor.
4. International students may transfer from another
U.S. college or university if they are a full-time
student at the school currently attended, have
maintained non-immigration student status, and
intend to be a full-time student at The Master’s
College. According to the F-1 student visa
transfer regulations, the institution from which
the student is transferring must also confirm that
the student has maintained his/her F-1 status
throughout the student’s enrollment with them.
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