Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 12

The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
Application Fees
Applications within their respective deadlines should
be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee
of $40.00. Those who encounter a financial hardship
may submit a Fee Waiver Request available on our
website at
Early Action Applicants
Early Action is intended for students with strong
academic records who have selected The Master’s
College as their first choice. Students interested in
Early Action should submit their application and
supporting credentials no later than November 15.
All forms must be postmarked by November 15.
Applicants not admitted for Early Action will have
their file reviewed once additional information is
Freshman Applicants
1. The applicant should be a high school senior or
graduate with a minimum of eleven courses from
grades 9 through 12 as follows: English - 4 years;
Mathematics - 3 years; Science - 2 years;
History - 2 years.
2. The applicant must take the SAT I or ACT. These
scores help assess preparedness for a collegiate
3. The college may admit students who have not
graduated from traditional high school. These
students must present a satisfactory G.E.D.
certificate or pass the California High School
Proficiency Examination and meet all other
admission requirements.
Freshman Homeschooled Applicants
The Master’s College welcomes applications from
anyone who has been home-schooled for all or part
of their high school education. The requirements for
admission are as follows:
1. The applicant should have completed a high
school curriculum as follows: English - 4 units;
Mathematics - 3 units; History - 2 units; Science
- 2 units. One unit represents two semesters or
one school year.
2. The applicant must take the SAT I or ACT. These
scores help assess preparedness for a collegiate
3. The Master’s College accepts transcripts produced
by home-schooling parents as well as transcripts
provided by charter, cluster, or publishing
organizations. A sample transcript form is
available online at
The following format should be used when submitting
a home-school transcript. Beginning with Grade 9, the
transcript should include the following information:
- Course title (i.e., Algebra I, English 10, etc.)
- Grade earned- when providing grade
information, be sure to provide a scale that
shows the relationship between percentages
and earned letter grades, even if percent
ages are recorded.
- Credit earned- the standard measure for
awarding credit is the Carnegie Unit, which
awards one (1) credit for completion of a
full year course that meets daily.
Curricula vary from one home-schooling program
to another. Applicants should provide a written
explanation of the cur riculum used and the
educator’s teaching methods. The following
information should be included with the applicant’s
- Who is ultimately responsible for setting up
curriculum and selecting materials?
- What type of curriculum and materials did
the educator(s) use?
- Who was responsible for providing
Were tutors used in some areas and not in
- Who recorded grades and how?
- What type of independent, standardized
testing was used to measure the student’s
progress against a larger population?
4. Some home-schooled applicants may finish their
high school education at an accelerated pace
and be ready to attend The Master’s College at
an earlier age than their public or private high
school counterparts. The college retains the right
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