Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 179

Program Level Learning Outcomes
understanding of learning theor y and
developmental growth of school age students.
4. Develop a typical music classroom curriculum
based upon cur rent state educational
5. Select quality music literature for study and
performance based on developed lists with
determined criteria for future selections, with
consideration for inclusion of multi-cultural
and ethnic music.
6. Demonstrate proficient skill in singing, as well
as in playing each of the band and orchestra
Teacher Education Core
1. Develop a biblical world view as it relates
to self, students, subjects, learning, effective
teaching and evaluation.
2. Discover and develop unique God-given
3. Understand the K-8 curriculum including:
a. conceptual foundations of disciplines,
b. how knowledge is created and organized in
the disciplines,
c. significant ideas in the disciplines,
d. values in the disciplines, and
e. connections among subject matter
4. Apply academic concepts and principles to
specific situations, common problems and
current issues to specifically include
a. analyzing situations,
b. synthesizing information from multiple
c. making decisions on rational bases,
d. communicating skillfully, and
e. appreciating diverse perspectives.
5. Link and apply the content of college
coursework to personal experiences in K-8
classrooms including:
a. exemplary teaching practices,
b. innovative out-of-class projects and
assignments, and
c. various models of assessment.
6. Develop respect for human similarities and
differences including:
a. an awareness of their own perspectives
pertaining to human diversity,
b. an openness to new perspectives regarding
important variations among people, and
c. a critical understanding of the nature and
forms of human discrimination and ways to
overcome them.
7. Utilize current and emerging technologies
a. increasing personal subject matter knowledge
and understanding,
b. using multiple applications,
c. analyzing, comparing and evaluating
technologies as effective tools of study and
learning in the seven major subject areas
of study. ethical and social issues related to
8. Become a life-long reflective educator
a. examining and testing ideas,
b. reflecting on teaching practice to develop a
deeper understanding of students,
c. developing a deeper understanding of
learning, and
d. examining all aspects of teaching through a
biblical grid.
Student Development
and Co-curricular
1. Demonstrate a Lifestyle of Worship
2. Exhibit a commitment to missions
3. Live responsibly when in a Biblical Community
4. Model Christ-like Discipleship
5. Practice Biblical Restoration
6. Practice Servant Leadership
7. Support God’s Church
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