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Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
In addition to these core classes 15 additional units will be
taken in practicum and elective courses for a total of 39 units
required for graduation.
Prerequisite Requirements
It is highly recommended that a student’s under-
graduate program be strong in a liberal arts em-
phasis, including courses in literature, history, and
philosophy. Their Bachelor’s degree must be from
an accredited college or university (official transcript
required). They must have completed their baccalau-
reate program with a cumulative grade point average
(CUM GPA) of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale for all
undergraduate work. While students will not be re-
quired to have completed an undergraduate major in
Biblical Studies, they will be required to demonstrate a
threshold level of biblical and theological knowledge
in order to be admitted to the program. This require-
ment can be satisfied by either of the following:
• Complete 24 semester units of undergraduate
coursework in biblical studies with a GPA of at
least 3.0 that includes at least 6 units of New
Testament (N.T.), 6 units of Old Testament
(O.T.), and 6 units of Christian Theology.
• Complete a three-part comprehensive entrance
examination in O.T., N.T., and Christian Theol-
ogy to certify a level of theological knowledge
necessary for graduate study. One must earn at
least a 70% on the exam to pass.
Guidelines for 24 Units
The 24 semester units of undergraduate course-
work in biblical studies with a GPA of at least
a 3.0 required as a prerequisite to the MABS
programmust be from a school accredited by an
accreditation service accepted by The Master’s
College Registrar’s Office.
2. There are certain schools which are unaccredited,
but are accepted by special agreement by the
Registrar. These schools will also be accepted
for prerequisite units by the Registrar’s Office.
3. Prerequisite units taken at schools that are not
accepted by the Registrar’s Office will not be ac-
cepted. Instead, the student must take the MABS
Entrance Exam.
Advanced Standing
Any graduate from TMC’s undergraduate Biblical
Studies major program who has earned at least 36
units of Bible will be allowed a maximum of 6 units
of advanced standing in the program. Students from
other accredited institutions with at least 36 units in
Bible may also apply for Advanced Standing. Ad-
vanced Standing is not guaranteed, but will be decided
on an individual basis at the discretion of the Chair-
man of the Biblical Studies Department. Students
awarded “Advanced Standing” will be waived from
6 units of electives, therefore only requiring 33 units
to graduate with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.
Transfer Credit Policy
Students transferring credits from The Master’s
Seminary will be allowed a maximum of 20 credits
to transfer for courses with goals and objectives
that correspond with the overall goals of the MABS
program. A student transferring from another gradu-
ate program will be allowed credit for a maximum
of 6 credits for courses that correspond to those
offered in the MABS program. Decisions regarding
advanced standing and transfer credits will be made
by the Chairman of the Biblical Studies Department
in consultation with the Registrar.
Course Offerings in MABS
BTS500 Introduction to Biblical Studies (2)
A graduate seminar focusing on foundational issues
in the field of Biblical Studies. Seminar topics include
inspiration, origin, authority, canonicity, transmission, and
translation. Students will be exposed to the assumptions
of critical scholarship related to the Bible and an evan-
gelical response to those assumptions. Issues of special
introduction to selected portions of the Old and New
Testaments will be treated with particular attention to the
conclusions of modern “higher criticism.”
BTS501 Hermeneutics (2)
A graduate seminar focusing on hermeneutical theory and
practice related to the Biblical text. Attention is given to
the philosophical and literary foundations that describe
relationship between author, text and reader; the
interpretative methodologies that are applied to various
Scriptural genres; and the application of interpretative
theory to specific passages of Scripture.
BTS511 Creation and Covenant (2)
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