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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
Dr. Thomas A. Halstead, Chairperson
The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS)
provides Bible training to men and women at the
graduate level. The content of the program is biblical-
theological in nature and emphasizes both proper
interpretation and practical application of Scripture.
The lectures, reading, and homework assignments
can be practically implemented in each student’s life
and ministry immediately. Each course the student
takes will enhance his/her ministry and personal
walk with the Lord. The MABS degree is designed to
help people study, explain, and apply Scripture more
effectively in their own lives and in their churches.
Program Distinctive
The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) is
designed for men and women who want to grow in
their knowledge of God’s Word but are not able to
take a traditional semester-oriented course of study.
We are looking for men and women, elders, deacons,
deaconesses, women’s ministry workers, etc., who
seek some formal academic training in the Bible.
Our core classes are offered in the summer, so that
students can maintain their full-time jobs and yet take
time off in the summer to study and grow.
Program Length
The MABS degree is a 39 unit, non-conventional
curriculum. There are 12 core courses (24 units)
offered on campus for three weeks each summer.
Up to three weeks of classes can be taken each July,
allowing students to complete their classroom work
in two summers. Each week consists of 2-4 units
of classes. Each core course is divided into three
parts: extensive pre-session assignments; a one-
week, in-session lecture; and additional post-session
Directed Study
In addition to the 24 core course units, there are 15
units of Directed Study classes (a combination of
practicum and elective courses) that a student must
complete in order to graduate. These 14 elective/
practicum units are completed online through a
directed study format (usually completed during the
fall and spring terms).
Full/Part Time Student Status
Any student enrolled in 8 units or more is considered
Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
to be “full-time” status for the Master of Arts in
Biblical Studies. A student must be enrolled in at
least 4 units of graduate level classes to achieve
“part-time” status.
Extension Trips
Another unique feature of this program is the
opportunity for students to study abroad in Israel,
Turkey and Greece, taking courses that can be applied
to their MABS degree. Details on this opportunity
can be obtained by calling the MABS Administrative
Course Registration
Registration for MABS summer courses will be avail-
able online on March 1st to each student who has
already been accepted into the program. Registration
for fall courses begins July 1st and spring courses
on November 1st. Registration allows the student
to make housing and meal plan reservations for the
summer term. Housing and meal plans are available
for the student, his or her spouse, and children.
Remote Library Access
In order to facilitate research from off-campus
locations, the college library provides remote access
to many of The Master’s College’s online databases.
This access allows students to search the available
databases from any computer off campus that has an
internet connection. Currently The Master’s College
has over 20 databases available with remote access.
Students are welcome to contact the library directly
if they need help with their research.
Degree Requirements
All MABS students are required to earn a 3.0 GPA or
better for each term they are enrolled in the program.
The MABS curriculum includes 12 core classes (2
units each), which are taken on campus over the
course of two to six years The core units consist of
the following courses:
i...,152,153,154,155,156,157,158,159,160,161 163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,171,172,...183
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