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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
BC531 Advanced Hermeneutics (2)
This course is advanced examination of the science and art
of interpretation, with special attention to the application
of Scripture to counseling. Various interpretive approaches
on key scriptural passages will be examined, especially as
they relate to the biblical counselor and his task.
BC534 Counseling from the Gospels (2)
This course is an expositional study of the backgrounds
and messages of the four Gospels with special emphasis on
the content and methods of Jesus’ teaching and counsel.
BC535 Counseling from the Minor Prophets (2)
This course is an expositional study of the backgrounds
and messages of the twelve minor prophets with special
emphasis on their relevance to counseling.
BC537 Counseling from the Epistles (2)
This course is an expositional study of the New Testament
Epistles with special emphasis on their relevance for
BC542 Marriage & Family Counseling (2)
Marriage and family problems are present in the majority
of counseling cases. This course will give an overview of
general marriage and family counseling issues relating to
the content and process of counseling. It will then proceed
to specifically deal with some of the major difficulties that
troubled marriages and families experience from a biblical
perspective. Included in the course are discussions of the
biblical basis and purposes of marriage, family stages, in-
law problems, developing unity, husband/wife roles and
responsibilities, correcting communication problems, and
how to resolve conflicts that arise.
BC548 Counseling Youth & Child Development (2)
Analysis of the physiological, cognitive, spiritual and
personality development from birth through adolescence.
There will also be a discussion of parenting issues and
a critique of the self-esteem movement. This course is
designed to help the student to understand the intense and
frequent problems of young people. A thoroughly biblical
understanding of young people and their problems and a
functional approach to counseling youth will be presented.
BC555 The Biblical Counseling Movement (2)
A study of the history of the modern Biblical Counseling
movement and an active engagement with its current
leaders, and the issues being debated among proponents.
This course involves attendance at the annual conference
of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.
BC556 ACBC Membership Seminar (2)
All students are encouraged to seek membership in and
certification by the Association of Certified Biblical
Counselors (ACBC). This seminar transitions students
from the application and examination requirements for
ACBC certification to the required supervised counseling.
BC557 Counseling & Physiology (2)
This is a survey of the physiological factors that influence
areas in a person’s life which are of importance when
counseling that person.
BC560 Biblical Conflict Resolution (2)
This course is designed to help the student think biblically
about conflict and how to respond to conflicts in a way
that glorifies the Lord. In particular, the student will be
taught a model and a plan for how to think about struggles
in relationships and evaluate their own typical patterns
of response. These principles apply to business and the
church but there will be special focus on handling marriage
BC572 Counseling Women (2)
This course outlines the basic concepts and distinctive
features of woman-to-woman biblical counseling, in
order to equip women to fulfill their scriptural mandate
to mentor/counsel other women and bring ultimate glory
to God. It will focus on Gospel-centered counseling in
the context of one Christian woman coming alongside
another woman with words of truth from God’s Word
in the context of relationship to encourage, admonish,
comfort, and challenge. Emphasis will be placed on
practical principles of gospel application, the qualifications
of the biblical counselors, the roles of the counselor in
the ministry of the local church, and the key aspects of
progressive sanctification.
BC580 Counseling Observation and Practicum (2)
This course consists of observations and discussions of
counseling sessions, designed to help the student learn
practical skills in counseling by observation, evaluation,
critique and discussion. The course also involves practical
application of the principles of biblical counseling and
the various methodological aspects of the counseling
process. The course will include student participation in
counseling as a counselor, counselee, and observer. These
activities will form the basis of seminar discussions where
counseling will be analyzed from a biblical perspective. The
goal of this course is to help the student learn, evaluate
and sharpen their practical counseling skills.
BC501, BC531, BC503, and BC511.
BC581 Counseling Issues (2)
Numerous crucial issues in counseling will be discussed:
the role of women in counseling, the church and biblical
counseling, drugs and biblical counseling, developing
a counseling ministry in a local church, preaching and
counseling, legal issues and counseling, training lay people
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