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Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling
His own Son (from and on the cross) but delivered
Him up (to the cross and death) for us (on our behalf
and in our stead, as our substitute), He will freely
through Christ give us all that we need for effective
and productive living (for transforming us into the
very likeness of His Son in the totality of our being).
Biblical, Christian counselors also acknowledge the
role of the Holy Spirit in regenerating, saving, and
sanctifying the believer. Truly biblical counseling
is done by those whose theological convictions
influence, permeate and control their personal lives
and their counseling theory and practice.
Bible-Centered Counseling
Truly biblical counseling is conscientiously and
comprehensively based on the Bible, deriving its
understanding of who man is, the nature of his
main problems, why he has these problems, and
how to resolve these problems from Scripture. In
other words, the counselor must be conscientiously
and comprehensively committed to the sufficiency
of Scripture for understanding and resolving all the
nonphysical personal and interpersonal sin-related
difficulties of man.
Church-Centered Counseling
Another distinguishing feature of truly biblical
counseling is that it will be conscientiously and
comprehensively church-centered. Scripture makes
it clear that the local church is the primary means by
which God accomplishes His work in the world. The
local church is His ordained instrument for calling the
lost to Himself and the context in which He sanctifies
and changes His people into the very likeness of
Christ. According to Scripture, the church is His
household, the pillar and support of the truth and
the instrument He uses in helping His people to put
off the old manner of life and to put on the new self
(cf. 1 Timothy 3:15; Ephesians 4:1-32). Credibility in
counseling comes when it is done under the authority
of the church and its properly appointed leadership,
not from state licensure.
Program Outline
The M.A. in Biblical Counseling is a 40 credit hour
graduate degree program, designed to allow students
to pursue in-depth training in Biblical Counseling
while continuing in their current ministries or
Course Formats
Courses are pursued through a combination of a on-
campus, online, extension, conference and directed
study courses. The program is designed to give
students maximum flexibility in progressing through
the degree while also strategically offering instruction
in the format best suited for effective educational
training--serving both distance and local students.
With these available formats, the entire degree may
be earned without relocating to Southern California,
although local students may experience additional
mentoring because of their proximity to campus
and additional ministry connections with the faculty.
On-Campus Courses.
Courses which are only
offered on-campus--because of their unique
advantage in a traditional classroom setting--may
be pursued either through weekly meetings (courses
meeting once a week for a 15-week period), or
through intensive meetings (courses which meet
intensively for 1 week on campus in July and
online the rest of the term--formerly known as our
“Summer Intensive Program”).
Weekly courses are designed to serve residents of
the greater Los Angeles area especially or others
who are able to move to the area. Courses are
held in the evenings Mondays through Thursdays,
allowing students to continue to work in their present
occupations and ministries while completing their
degree program.
Intensive courses
(available only during the Summer
term) are designed to serve distance students,
especially those in various parts of the world who
are entrenched in their current ministries and without
the ability to relocate to Southern California. Courses
extend from May to August, but intensive lectures
and classroom dialogue are conducted in a single
week period always scheduled during the last two
whole weeks of July. Preparatory and follow-up
studies surround the intensive week. Students are
encouraged to take four courses each summer (which
include two weeks of intensive class meetings) in
order to complete the on-campus requirement in 2
Online Courses
. Online courses are offered
throughout the year through the College’s internet-
based learning management system called “Joule.”
The student views lectures online and is guided
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