Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 148

The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
Dr. Kurt L. Hild, Chairperson
The Master’s College is accredited to recommend
candidates for both California Multiple and Single
Subject Preliminary teaching credentials. The purpose
of the credential program is to enable students to
become excellent teachers who integrate faith into
teaching, learning, and living.
A major in teacher education is not acceptable for a
California credential. Instead, credential candidates
are expected to complete an undergraduate major
that will prepare them in the content area(s) they
will teach. In all content areas, candidates must also
pass a subject matter examination.
Following the subject matter preparation and the
posting of a bachelor’s degree, candidates complete
a series of graduate level courses that prepare them
to teach the subject(s) authorized by the credential,
to teach special education and English learners in
the regular classroom setting, and to gain other
information and skills needed to obtain a credential.
Admission Requirements for the Teacher
Credential Program
Students must complete separate admission processes
to be admitted to BOTH the college and to the
Teacher Credential Program. No Teacher Credential
Program courses can be taken prior to admission to
the graduate level Credential Program.
Application for admission to the Teacher Credential
Program is normally submitted during the first
semester of a student’s senior year. A student
must have taken the California Basic Educational
Skills Test (CBEST) and must have at least a 2.75
cumulative grade point average for admission to the
program. Additional admission requirements and
information about the admission process are available
in the Teacher Education Office.
NOTICE: It is important to check with
the Teacher Education Department for
updates regarding any modifications and/
or additions to the stated list of courses
and requirements. Periodically, the State
of California mandates changes in program
structure and content, which the college is
required to implement.
Requirements for Preliminary Multiple
Subject Credential
Students interested in obtaining a Multiple Subject
Credential (which authorizes teaching in public
elementary schools and other self-contained
classrooms) must:
1. Earn a bachelor’s degree at a regionally
accredited college or university.
2. Prove subject matter competence and become
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) compliant by
taking and passing the California Subject
Examination for Teachers (CSET)- Multiple
3. Complete a state-approved program of
credential coursework that includes
authorization to teach English learners in the
regular classroom.
Meeting Requirement 1:
The Master’s College Liberal Studies/teacher
education bachelor’s degree program has been
approved by the California Commission on Teacher
Credentialing. Its design is based on the same
content standards that were used to develop pub-
lic school curriculum in elementary schools. The
CSET examination was developed using these same
standards, so this major provides the best
preparation for the examination. It also includes
early classroom experiences and courses that build
backg round knowledge for the credential
courses. The requirements for this major are
explained in the Liberal Studies section of this
Meeting Requirement 2:
Take and pass the California Subject Examination
for Teachers (CSET) before beginning student
Meeting Requirement 3:
The Master’s College has a State-accredited
credential program for the Preliminary Multiple
Teacher Education
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