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LS140 Principles of Biology (3)
An analysis of the principles of life common to plant
and animal study: the cell, intermediary metabolism,
photosynthesis, cell reproduction, genetics, ecology
and origins.
MU190 Introduction to Music and Art (3)
This course surveys the history of music and art in
Western civilization from the Middle Ages to the
present. The student will be introduced to the main
styles and forms of the day, as well as the primary
artists and composers and their work for each major
stylistic period. The course also includes a segment
of hymnology, a visit to a local art museum, and at-
tendance at two local concerts.
POL220 United States Government (3)
A survey of American institutions and processes. In-
cluded are such topics as the Constitution, federalism,
Congress, the presidency, judiciary, and civil rights.
P311 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
A survey of the field of philosophy: its vocabulary,
aims and purposes; the great systems of speculative
thought; and the leading thinkers.
LS200 Foundations of Science (3)
An introduction to the history, development and in-
fluence of science on the other academic disciplines.
The impact of science on patterns of thought and
society in general will also be addressed. How sci-
ence functions today in various disciplines, how it has
functioned historically and what it can and cannot
produce as an outcome will be emphasized.
MA240 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
This course empowers students to use the tools of
math to understand the ‘what,’ the ‘why,’ and the
‘wherefore’ of the universe around them. This course
focuses on facilitating quantitative reasoning ability,
thinking logically and critically, and how to provide
accurate information to supply a basis for analysis of
new information and the making of wise decisions.
SP221 Spanish I
Designed to introduce the beginning student to
the Spanish language. The curriculum will include
the fundamentals of grammar, pronunciation and
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