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Online Learning Catalog
explaining the basis of his or her salvation and hope
of eternal life with scriptural support. All applicants
must be in general agreement with doctrinal position
of the College, and be in consistent attendance at a
local church. In addition, the applicant must submit
a Pastoral Reference and official transcripts from the
most recently attended school or university.
If the course is being taken for credit, exam
proctoring may be required. Student with a proctored
exam requirement must submit a Proctored Testing
Agreement Form signed by an approved proctor.
For exams requiring proctoring, the student will be
responsible to schedule a time with their proctor to
take a test during the week it is assigned. The proctor
will monitor the student in the taking of tests to make
sure that test procedures are being followed.
The TMC Online application materials are available
on the website
Application materials can be sent to:
The Master’s College Online #27
21726 Placerita Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91321
Accepted applicants will receive a username and
password and instructions for registering on Self-
). ATMC e-mail
account will also be provided for all correspondence
pertaining to registration and classes. On or before
the course start date, all registered students will be
sent course home page access. Streaming video
lectures or podcasts are built into the course web
pages so the student can access them at any time. If
the student cannot use the streaming video because
of system limitations, the video may be downloaded
or the student may call the office to inquire if there
are any DVDs available in that course for purchase.
Once the course begins, students should plan to
spend approximately twelve to fifteen hours per
week completing the required scheduled activities,
which may include viewing lectures, completing
assignments, and participating in discussion forums
and group projects.
The audit student will be expected to watch the
lectures according to the course schedule on the
Joule website, and they are encouraged to participate
in threaded discussions with their classmates and
instructor. They can complete the class reading and
assignments on an ungraded basis if they desire, but
they will not have access to exams. Audit students
should generally expect a workload of approximately
four hours of video lectures per week.
The Master’s College Online courses are accredited
by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges
(WASC) and can be transferred to other universities
as baccalaureate-level semester credit. Each school
has unique policies for what curriculum is required
and which courses they will accept for transfer.
The Master’s College Online cannot guarantee that
courses will fulfill curriculum requirement at any
other university and recommends that the student
check with the university’s Registrar before enrolling
to determine if our courses fulfill their requirements.
This can easily be done by sending them the catalog
course descriptions found here or on the website.
B101, B102 Old Testament Survey (3,3)
An introduction to the entire Old Testament,
employing both thematic and exegetical methods.
Literary structure, historical background, and parallel
passages are also utilized to discover the unique and
priceless lessons of each book. The first course
surveys Genesis through Samuel, and the second
covers Kings through Malachi.
B201, B202 New Testament Survey (3,3)
An introduction to the books of the New Testament,
with special emphasis on the life, teachings, and
redemptive work of Christ, the founding and growth
of the church, and the teachings of the Epistles
and Revelation. On the basis of the biblical text,
parallel readings, projects and lectures, the events and
messages of the New Testament will be portrayed
against their historical and cultural setting. The
first course surveys the Gospels and Acts, while the
second is devoted to the Epistles and Revelation.
BTH321 Christian Theology I (3)
A survey of Christian theology in the areas of God
(Theology Proper), the Bible (Bibliology), angels
i...,133,134,135,136,137,138,139,140,141,142 144,145,146,147,148,149,150,151,152,153,...183
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