Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 142

The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
Online Learning Catalog
Mr. James McLaughlin, Director
The Master’s College Online allows conservative
evangelical believers worldwide to experience the
academic excellence and spiritual influence consistent
with the college’s on-campus programs. A variety
of baccalaureate-level Biblical Studies and General
Education courses are available in a fully online
learning community taught by TMC faculty from a
distinctively biblical worldview. The Master’s College
Online provides transferable courses and an award
of completion in biblical studies to complement
on-campus degree programs at TMC or other
universities. Both for-credit and audit enrollment
options exist to enrich local church membership and
equip individuals for church ministry.
Individuals who could benefit from TMC Online
classes include prospective undergraduate students,
the college’s currently enrolled students, academically
strong 11th and 12th grade high school students, and
students needing select general education courses
for transfer purposes. Church members desiring
a rigorous study of the scriptures and college-
age international students being mentored by a
missionary will also find TMC Online courses to be
an excellent equipping resource, whether taken for
credit or audit.
TMC Online courses are delivered through Joule, an
online learning community, complete with streaming
video and podcasts, PDF handouts, PowerPoint
slides, and interactive discussion forums. All course
assignments are delivered and submitted weekly
via the course home page, and exams are taken
fully online. Online courses are accelerated to an
eight week format and therefore require logging in
frequently and consistently (daily is recommended)
for the student to succeed.
All courses are given in semester units. The number
below represents the unit load of each course; this
is the amount of baccalaureate credit a student will
receive per course. The following courses are now
Biblical Studies:
General Education:
Courses can be taken for credit to receive
baccalaureate-level semester units or audit which is
an ungraded, non-credit option. All new students
must go through the TMC Online admissions
process or be accepted to one of the TMC degree
programs. Admission to the TMC Online program
does not necessarily guarantee future admission
to the College’s undergraduate programs, but the
educational experience can be a great segue for
full-time enrollment in TMC’s degree programs.
Current students may register for online courses
during their normal semesters or as post session
(e.g. during summer break) with the help of their
academic advisor
n order to be admitted to TMCOnline, the applicant
must (at minimum) have completed the tenth grade
of high school. He or she must be able to give a
clear, one or two page written personal testimony
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