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Degree Completion Program
truth. Beginning with issues of epistemology, the student
will be exposed to the relationship between the Bible and
natural science and the humanities, concluding with an
emphasis upon the apologetic value of the world view
to modern life.
BTH321 Christian Theology I (3)
A Survey of Christian theology in the areas of God
(Theology Proper), the Bible (Bibliology), angels
(Angelology)- including Satan and demons, Christ
(Christology), and the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology).
C391 Intercultural Communications (3)
Analysis of theories and techniques of the process of
communication between persons of different cultures or
subcultures. Includes the development of issues-related
interpersonal communication that bridges or enables closer
and more transparent communication across the cultures.
E334 The Short Story (3)
A study of short fiction from masters of the short story
genre. Explores the fictional elements, techniques, themes
and interpretation of representative works from classic and
contemporary authors. Includes attention to the historical
development of the genre.
E477 C.S. Lewis (3)
A study of the life of C.S. Lewis as viewed through the
perspective of his writing, his faith, his discovery of the
truth through awakening of the Spirit, and the intrinsic
development of his writing. Includes a thorough analysis
of how Lewis’s faith not only infused his writing, but
helped him to become one of the great communicators
and apologists of the Christian faith in later 20th century.
E497 Advanced Writing Development (4)
Advanced Writing Course emphasizing the development
of thought, critical structure of thought development into
coherent writing discourses. Explorers grammar and usage
as well as Classical Rhetoric, which broadens conceptual
depth and content and looks to refine stylistic and
organizational repertoire in expression. Involves extensive
practice in written and oral presentations.
POL455 Christian Political Thought (3)
A study of major Catholic and Protestant political ideas
from Augustine and Aquinas through the Reformers.
Analysis stresses comparison of each with Scripture.
H391 Development of ChristianWestern Thought (3)
A study and analysis of the development of Western
political ideas and their import on the development of
Christian Western Thought including the early adoptive
ages of the Puritans, the Founding Period, through the
Jeffersonian era to the present. Students will learn why
Western political thought and ideas were formed while the
nation also matured under the authority of the Scriptures,
bringing order to bear on a lawless new frontier and society.
HU479 Arts in Culture; Music, Film, Art (3)
This course surveys the major periods, media, and styles
of art, music, and film. A major goal is to establish
historical and cultural aspects of the medium of the three
perspectives of the visual and performing arts. Students
will examine the connections to the worldview expressions
of artists, musicians, and film makers.
PS328 Oceanography (4)
The biological, chemical, physical, and geological aspects
of the world’s major oceans are studied. Particular
attention is paid to the Southern California coastline. The
laboratory consists of field studies and laboratory analyses
and evaluations. Prerequisites: LS140 or LS251 and upper
division status. (Lab fee $55.)
PS338 Astronomy (4)
Methods of measurement and observation in astronomy
are studied from a historical perspective. The solar, stellar
and galactic systems are studied in detail accompanied by
observations. Various cosmological viewpoints and their
underlying assumptions are presented.
SS381 Cultural Geography (3)
An examination of human geography, including world-
wide patterns and developments concerning demographics,
race, language, religion, industrialization, urbanization and
ecology. Locations of all the world’s nations will be learned
during studies of regional geography.
BIB301 Biblical Business Thinking and the Christian
Worldview (2)
This course is designed to re-introduce the student into
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