Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 135

Degree Completion Program
Bachelor of Arts in
Organizational Management
The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management
is designed to equip Christian adults with valuable
management skills and tools while in the process of
completing their bachelor’s degree. For individuals
currently involved in a business or organizational
setting, the program provides immediate applicable
knowledge and performance enhancing, practical
skills. For those entering the vast arena of business
and organizational settings, the program helps
develop the personal and spiritual disciplines
necessary to become an effective leader.
The curriculum is organized so that the courses
offered in the first semester provide a basic
understanding of the management field, the
communication tools necessary to succeed and the
framework for the Christian in the workplace. The
second semester addresses specific dimensions in
the field of management. For each of the courses,
the educational process emphasizes the participative
or inductive teaching style set in a Christian
environment, to achieve learning built upon the
significant experience that students bring to the
Total units required for major.................................................40
General Education
General Education Completion Options:
Recognizing that the Degree Completion Program
(DCP) serves a non-traditional student body with
responsibilities that make traditional day classes
difficult to schedule, steps have been taken to make
completion of General Education requirements
more convenient for the adult student. Those
options are listed below. For Online General
Education options, please refer to the section
in the college catalog regarding “TMC Online.”
School of General Education
The DCP School of General Education serves as a
bridge to the Degree Completion Program for those
adults with minimal college units. By enrolling in the
School of General Education, these students can earn
units and position themselves as qualified applicants
for the accelerated Degree Completion Program.
Additionally, the School of General Education
offers students in the Degree Completion Program
the opportunity to fulfill their general education
requirements by attending weekly compressed classes
on nights other than when the major program classes
are held. A Christian worldview permeates every
course; instructors are uniquely gifted and qualified.
Video Courses
There are a number of video courses available from
The Master’s College, such as U. S. History, U. S.
Government, English Literature, and World History.
Students may take these videos home and complete
the course work on their own schedule (within DCP
Directed/Independent Study
Students may take individually-directed courses
from DCP professors. DCP professors design these
courses. Assigned work is to be completed by the
students on their own.
CLEP Testing
There are several CLEP tests that can be administered
by Career Services at The Master’s College. Passing
these tests provides college-level credit in such
courses as English Composition, Introduction to
Psychology, Chemistry and many others.
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