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Degree Completion Program
2. Enrolled in twelve (12) or more units for at least
two of the three semesters per 12 month period.
3. Matriculates twenty-four (24) or more units per
12 month period.
Please note that a student may choose not to enroll
in classes for one out of three semesters during a 12
month period without losing full-time status if they
contract to return to DCP the following semester as
a full-time student.
Failure to meet the above criteria will result in losing
full-time student status and necessitate standard
procedures for reinstatement.
During enrollment in the Degree Completion
Program, students are required to do a considerable
amount of writing, which must be done in accordance
with college standards. Saturday morning workshops
are offered, allowing those applicants who show a
need for improvement an opportunity to learn and
develop required skills.
Financial Aid
It is our hope that you would not let your thoughts
about financing your college education prevent you
from returning to college until you have familiarized
yourself with the various options for making your
Christian education affordable. Over the years we
have assisted a great number of students in finding
ways to finance their college education. Simply
contact one of our enrollment counselors to learn
about the possibilities for funding your college
Preparing for college does require advanced planning,
especially in the area of faithful financial stewardship.
The following are among the options that may be
available to you depending on your qualifications:
1. Federal Pell Grants
2. Federal Family Educational Loan Program
3. Veterans Benefits
4. Employer Tuition Reimbursement
Any student wishing to apply for financial assistance
in the Degree Completion Program should contact
an enrollment counselor who will provide all
necessary applications and counseling to complete
the application.
Degree CompletionMajors
The Degree Completion Program offers four major
courses of study in addition to its School of General
Education. Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Biblical Counseling, Christian Ministries,
Liberal Studies, or Organizational Management.
Bachelor of Arts in
Biblical Counseling
The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling program
is based on the belief that the Holy Scripture, being
God’s law and testimony, is true and should serve
as the authoritative standard for the counseling of
all soul problems. No authority is higher than the
Word of God. Inspired and inerrant, it is sufficient
for understanding and resolving life’s nonphysical,
personal and interpersonal difficulties.
Biblical Counseling classes emphasize practice that
combines counseling skills with the biblical foundation
on which these skills are based. Counseling skills are
refined through practicum courses. Class work and
outside assignments are designed to give students
the ability to implement their knowledge and skills
immediately, not only in their personal lives, but also
in ministry.
Recognized by the
Association of Certified Biblical
Counselors (ACBC)
the BABC degree is far more than
a purely academic approach to counseling. Students
are taught to understand and apply God’s Word with
skill, integrity, authority and compassion. Ultimately,
students not only have a degree in hand, but skills
they can put to work wherever their career or ministry
takes them.
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