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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
MU404 Recording Techniques (3)
Live recording and studio recording techniques.
MU406 Popular Music Since 1900 (3)
A survey of popular music from 1900 to the present,
covering composers, performers, styles and major works,
along with an introduction to jazz theory.
MU411 Computers in Music (2)
Course includes computer OS basics, spreadsheet and
presentation software, Internet and web-site development,
audio files, sound sampling, synthesizers, MIDI language,
developing skills in notation (Finale) with EPS cross-
software implementation, and sequencing (Logic) with
editing, voicing, and mixing of multi-tracks in General
MIDI and Soft-Synth modes.
MU414 Instrumental Methods (2)
A cornerstone course enabling students to gain a greater
understanding and working knowledge to become
successful teachers of instrumental music in K-12 schools.
Topics encompass the elementary level musician, concert
band, marching band, jazz band, and orchestra, with
detailed discussion of (each performing group,) recruiting,
grading, planning, organizing, seating, rehearsal techniques,
full score analysis, literature, discipline, fundamental
marching techniques and public relations.
MU416 Teaching Music in the Elementary &
Secondary School (3)
Survey of materials, methods of teaching and philosophies
of vocal, general, and instrumental music programs found
in elementary through senior high schools. At least 9
classroom hours of observation/fieldwork are required.
MU421 Directed Studies (1-3)
Intensive study of a selected area of music.
permission of the department chairperson.
MU426 Audio Engineering II (3)
Final studio course involving increased independence
at the workstation. Attention will be given to the senior
MU428 Choral Methods (2)
A broad survey of choral repertoire from Gregorian
chant to present-day compositions. Emphasis is placed
upon knowing the availability and sources of music and
of appropriateness for the church and school. Includes a
plan for the establishment of the graded music program
with special attention given to methods and materials. Field
experience required.
MU431 Music Components & Techniques for
Elementary Teachers (3)
Introduction to the fundamentals of music notation and
structure and their application in musical activities within
the elementary classroom. Not for Music majors.
MU440 Collaborative Keyboard (0-1)
Designed for pianists who accompany student recitals and
other performances. Does not meet as a class but provides
credit for student accompanists. Requires accompanying
a minimum of two students, a junior or senior recital, or
a major performing ensemble. Must have approval of
the piano faculty. May be repeated for a maximum of 4
credit units.
MU443 20th Century Analysis (2)
An analytical survey of twentieth century composition
Prerequisite: MU242
MU445 Arranging (2)
Equips students with compositional skills and techniques
that facilitate arranging of music in both vocal and
instrumental genres from a range of style periods and
sources to fit diverse needs and levels.
Prerequisite: MU241.
MU448 Overseas Music Missions Trips (3)
Background and biblical history of Israel given as
preparation for the Master’s College Chorale’s concert
tour as guests of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Offered
once every four years in the spring semester as a part of
the concert tour. Satisfies 3 units of the cross-cultural
MU453 Teaching Piano Internship II (1.5)
This course offers students an opportunity to teach
a weekly, 45-minute, group piano class of beginning
level students and to teach a private piano lesson
with supervision. Weekly meetings address topics
such as lesson planning, promoting parent/teacher/
student relationships, and organizing recitals and other
performance opportunities. P
rerequisite: MU356 Teaching
Piano Internship I
MU454 Teaching Piano Internship III (1.5)
Continuation of MU453.
Prerequisite: MU453 Teaching
Piano Internship II.
MU460 Recital (2)
A 60-minute recital given in the senior year by performance
majors. Permission to give a recital must be acquired the
previous semester, and the program and/or pre-recital
must be approved at least one month before the recital
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