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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
as well as preparing entry-level music pastors and
assistant pastors.
B.A. inMusic with Emphasis in Communication
gives rounded skills in both areas to prepare students
for graduate school or for entry-level positions in a
wide range of vocations. Examples include public
relations, the recording industry, sound engineering,
church music ministry, musical theater, music editing,
music publishing, and teaching.
B.A. inMusicwithEmphasis inAudioTechnology
is designed to prepare students for working with the
latest audio technology in numerous arenas in the
media industry and in churches. Combined with their
study in music, it becomes a unique preparation to
better suit them for music recording and production.
B.A. in Music with Emphasis in Youth Ministry
targets those preparing for a combined ministry in
a smaller church requiring a broad grounding in
music along with the ability to relate to youth and
lead a youth program. It provides a background for
graduate school or seminary with the expectation
that those continuing in such a vocation would seek
additional training in one of the two disciplines.
In addition, the department offers a minor in music,
which provides grounding in the basics of music
and worship, along with individual training and
ensemble performance opportunities. Music is so
much a part of church life that the music minor is
highly recommended to all who are involved in the
church in any capacity. It also provides a well-rounded
education for any major.
Due to the standards of the California Commission
on Teacher Credentialing, students desiring to obtain
a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music should
consult an advisor about specific course requirements.
Computer Lab
The Master’s College music facilities include a
computer lab that features Macintosh/Roland music
work stations, each complemented with the most
recent music notation and sequencing software
application programs. Combined with a quality audio
recording system and CD-ROM music library, The
Master’s College music student has access to the
latest in computer generated composition, digital
sequencer recording and educational technology. The
Music Department offers courses in conjunction with
the music technology lab that focus on equipping
students with the abilities and experience to utilize
the technologies available to the music profession.
Amajor in music provides discipline and whole-brain
learning that prepares the conscientious graduate for
success in nearly any field. The department strives
to acquaint music majors with musical careers by
inviting individuals from diverse sectors of the music
field to share with students their experience and
show what is available. A music degree opens many
possibilities, such as the following:
• Music Recording, Editing, Production, and
• Sound Mixing
• Post Production
• Educator
- Elementary & Secondary
- College & University
- Private Studio
• Worship Music Ministries Personnel
• Pastor
• Music and Recording Industries Specialist
• Music Software Developer
• Community Arts Manager
• Performing Arts Administrator
• Composer/Arranger
• Conductor
• Music Librarian
• Music Therapist
• Ethnomusicologist
The Master’s College Music Department presents
concerts each semester, which include staged
productions such as Opera Scenes, a “Come
ChristmasSing” concert series, a major oratorio,
choral concerts, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra,
various other instrumental ensembles, Jazz Band, and
theater productions.
All students taking private instruction are involved
in recitals each semester. In addition, the music
faculty offers a variety of faculty performances. All
musical performances are open to the college and
the community.
Performing Groups
Vocal choirs include Collegiate Singers, a non-
auditioned campus community choir, as well as
two auditioned choirs: The Master’s Chorale and
Women’s Chamber Choir. Opera Scenes, also an
auditioned group, performs one weekend a year.
Instrumental groups include the Wind Ensemble,
Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Band, various chamber
ensembles, and handbell choirs. These groups present
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