Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 121

Dr. Paul T. Plew, Chairperson
The Department of Music continually works to
create for the entire student body an atmosphere
which is conducive to cultural growth and an
appreciation for the fine arts. As an institutional
member of the National Association of Schools of
Music, the department aims to give a well-balanced
scope of many styles of music and opportunities for
exposure to those styles.
The curriculum offered by the Department of Music
is designed to serve the entire college community.
Applied Music courses (private lessons, ensembles,
etc.) are available to all students of the college for
active music participation and development of
individual musical skills. Additional courses are open
as well for growth in the knowledge and expression
of the musical arts.
The mission of The Master’s College Music
Department is to develop, with Biblical perspectives,
individuals having an intrinsic desire to excel; to
produce knowledgeable and skillful musicians
through comprehensive musical training; and to
promote intellectual understanding, artistry and
community responsibility.
Students select from two degrees and twelve
emphases. The Bachelor of Music degree is offered in
vocal performance, piano performance, performance
with emphasis in piano pedagogy, instrumental
performance, worship music ministries, music
education, and composition. The Bachelor of Arts
degrees include B.A. in Music, and B.A. in Music
with emphases in Biblical Studies, Communication,
Audio Technology, and Youth Ministry. Degrees
are designed to be completed in four years, but
may require additional sessions or satisfaction
of requirements through CLEP or AP courses,
especially for students who wish to take advantage
of extra courses and ensembles.
degree is a
professional degree designed for those with a
strong music background who anticipate a vocation
in music. It prepares candidates in comprehensive
musicianship and performance skills for graduate
school and a variety of music careers. Students must
demonstrate satisfactory progress by the end of the
sophomore year in order to continue in the BM
degree program.
B.M. in Composition
gives students the foundation
to continue in graduate school or engage in one of
many careers in music. Examples include composing,
teaching, performing, and careers in the recording
industry. Students acquire skills in instrumentation,
arranging, and other aspects of composition, along
with experiencing performances of their own
compositions. Students learn to write both short
and long forms in various representative musical
and instrumental idioms, are encouraged to explore
trends in modern music composition, and experiment
with compositional styles in order to discover a
personal compositional “voice.”
B.M. in Music Education
equips the student with
the necessary skills, understanding, andmethodologies
to teach vocal, instrumental, and general music in the
K-12 grade school system. Certification begins after
this four-year degree program since the State of
California requires completion of a bachelor’s degree
before beginning the California teaching credential.
B.M. in Performance
prepares students for a career
in performance, teaching, or for advanced study in
piano, voice, or an instrument. The program includes
a breadth and depth of music studies to ensure a
thorough foundation.
B.M. in Piano Performance with Emphasis in
allows piano majors who plan to teach the
opportunity to focus on pedagogy through course
work and practical experience.
B.M. inWorshipMusic Ministries
is a progressive
major that prepares students to reach the whole body
of worshipers in evangelical churches. It equips them
with a variety of skills in music and organizational and
relational aspects for praise teams, choirs of all ages,
and orchestra; it includes training in sound systems,
and acoustic design. A major component, the area
of leadership and organization, enables students to
have good interpersonal relationships with staff and
provides hands-on experience with an internship in
a local church.
degrees are for
students with a musical background who desire
to achieve a solid education in music along with
a significant amount of study in other areas.
Performance requirements may be satisfied by a
recital or a project.
B.A. in Music
serves students who choose music
as the focus of a broader, liberal arts education.
The program offers flexibility in focus and course
content. The wide range of learning coupled with the
discipline music engenders opens doors in numerous
music-related and non-music fields.
B.A. in Music with Emphasis in Biblical Studies
provides a foundation in both music and selected
areas of Biblical Studies such as counseling, Bible
exposition, missions, languages, education, and more.
It also serves as a valuable precursor to seminary or
graduate study in music,
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