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MA253 Discrete Mathematics (3)
This course is a study of discrete structures commonly
used in computer science and mathematics, including
topics from sets and relations, permutations and
combinations, graphs and trees, induction, recursion, and
Boolean Algebras.
Prerequisite: MA121
MA262 Elementary Statistics (3)
This is a general course in elementary statistics dealing
with the collection, organization, display and inferential
techniques of modern data analysis. Topics covered may
include descriptive statistics, bivariate data, probability
distributions, sampling distributions and common
hypothesis tests.
Prerequisite: MA101 or equivalent
MA282 Ordinary Differential Equations (3)
This course covers the forms and solutions of many
different types of ordinary differential equations and
their applications in the sciences.
Prerequisites: MA221
and MA231
MA302 Introduction to Mathematical Proof (3)
A practical introduction to formal mathematical
proof emphasizing preparation for advanced study in
mathematics. Special attention is paid to reading and
building proofs using standard forms and models within
the context of specific examples.
Prerequisite: MA221
MA344 Modern Geometry (3)
This course covers finite geometries, modern Euclidean
geometry, constructions, non-Euclidean geometries and
other topics in geometry.
Prerequisite: MA302
MA355 Number Theory& theHistory ofMathematics
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the
widely known theorems, conjectures, unsolved problems
and proofs of number theory. In addition, the history of
mathematics, from the beginning of recorded civilization
to the present, will be covered. Topics may include
divisibility, primes, congruences, Diophantine equations
and arithmetic functions.
Prerequisite: MA302
MA366 Probability (3)
A general course in elementary probability theory. Topics
to be covered may include the normal distribution, random
variables, uni- and multi-variate probability distributions,
and the Central Limit Theorem.
Prerequisite: MA221
MA368 Mathematical Statistics (3)
This class covers the mathematical foundations and some
applications of statistical methods. Statistics make possible
data-based decision making based on the collection,
tabulation, analysis, and interpretation of quantitative
and qualitative data. Topics covered will include sampling
MA201 Mathematics for Elementary School
Teachers I (3)
The first semester of a unified course that provides basic
mathematical competency for teachers at the elementary
school level. Emphasis is placed upon problem solving
and understanding the principles underlying mathematical
concepts. This course is strictly intended for liberal
studies majors seeking to meet breadth requirements in
mathematics. Topics to be covered include sets, whole
numbers, functions, whole-number computation, integers,
basic number theory, rational numbers, decimals, percents
and real numbers.
Prerequisite: Permission of the Teacher
Education Department.
MA202 Mathematics for Elementary School
Teachers II (3)
The second semester of a unified course that provides
basic mathematical competency for teachers at the
elementary school level. Topics to be covered include
probability, statistics, introductory geometry, constructions,
congruence, similarity, measurement, motion geometry
and tessellations.
Prerequisite: Permission of the Teacher
Education Department.
MA221 Calculus III (4)
The third semester of a unified course, this class covers
such topics as vectors, calculus on vector-valued functions,
functions of several variables, partial differentiation and
multiple integration.
Prerequisite: MA122
(Lab fee $20.)
MA222 Calculus IV (1)
The fourth semester of a unified course, this class covers
topics in advanced vector analysis including vector fields,
line integrals, Green’s Theorem, surface integrals, the
Divergence Theorem, and Stokes’ Theorem.
(Lab fee $20.)
MA231 Linear Algebra (3)
A course on the theory of linear equations and vector
spaces. Topics to be covered include linear equations,
matrices, determinants, vectors, real vector spaces,
eigenvalues, eigenvectors and linear transformations.
Prerequisite: MA122
MA240 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving (3)
An interdisciplinary course designed to provide the student
with the analytical tools and concepts for dealing with
practical “everyday” problems. Emphasis is placed on
developing critical, analytical thinking and reasoning skills
in the context of quantitative and logical applications.
Topics covered may include logic, fallacies, abuse of
numbers and percentages, problem-solving techniques,
financial calculations, statistics, correlation, the normal
distribution, probability, and mathematics in the arts and
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