Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 115

Liberal Studies
required to earn a grade of a B- or better in every
course taken in the Teacher Education Department.
These have an ED prefix.
For a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies/
Teacher Education with a Multiple Subject Credential
emphasis, the following specific courses are required: 
E2__ English/American/World Literature .......... 3
Total units required for major.................................................86
Areas of Specific Concentration
In addition to the courses listed above, every student
must complete 12 units of advanced study in a
specific area of concentration. All concentrations
Liberal Studies
The Liberal Studies major is designed to offer the
student a broad, interdisciplinary program of study,
the epitome of the liberal arts education. Two
emphases are available to Liberal Studies majors:
General and Teacher Education.
Liberal Studies/General Emphasis
Students enrolled in the Liberal Studies/General
Emphasis major complete a total of 84 semester
units distributed among the following four areas:
English & Communication
   Humanities & Fine Arts
   Mathematics, Science & Computer 18-24
   Social Science
In each of the above divisions, the student must
complete at least 18 units and may count no more
than 24 units toward the 84 unit requirement. At
least 24 units of the 84 units must be at the upper
division level. A maximum of 12 units of Bible
and 6 units of music performance coursework may
be counted in the Humanities/Fine Arts section of
the major.
Liberal Studies/Teacher Educat ion
Students wanting to obtain a California Multiple
Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential may enroll
in the Liberal Studies/Teacher Education emphasis.
It has been developed to prepare students for
the California Subject Examination for Teachers:
Multiple Subjects.
Requirements for this emphasis include specific
general education courses as well as courses selected
from various disciplines taught in the elementary
classroom and are listed in the column to the right.
Requirements include general education core courses
and an advanced specialization.
Minimum Grade for Courses in Major
Students in the teacher education emphasis are
required to earn a grade of C- or above in every
course in LS curriculum. A student who earns below
a C- must repeat the course to earn the teacher
education emphasis.
Minimum Grade for Education Courses
Students in the teacher education emphasis are
i...,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114 116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,...183
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