Academic Catalog 2014.2015 - page 113

Kinesiology & Physical Education
KPE414 Organization & Administration of PE
A study with suggestions for implementing the
physical education program, with emphasis on
departmental organization, buying and caring for
equipment, care of facilities, tests and measurements
and the importance of the interschool and intramural
KPE415 Elementar y P.E. Components &
Techniques (2)
An elective course involving a study of the physical
education techniques and materials used in the
elementary school. An exploration of physical
education activities which can be used at the
elementary school levels.
KPE425 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
Theory and practice in the prevention and care
of athletic injuries. This course will cover injury
recognition and evaluation of common upper and
lower extremity injuries in the athletic populations. In
addition, general medical conditions found in active
populations will be discussed.
Prerequisite: LS321.
KPE426 Advanced Prevention&Care of Athletic
Injuries (3)
An advanced course in theory and practice in the
prevention and care of athletic injuries. Emphasis will
be placed on fundamental evaluation and assessment
needed by an allied health professional working with
active populations.
KPE436 Motor Learning (3)
A study of the theories related to motor learning
and human development and the nature of learning
basic locomotor and sports skill theories as related to
physiological, psychological and sociological aspects
of development.
KPE446 Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries
The theory and practice of rehabilitation principles
including pain control, tissue repair, joint range
of motion, flexibility, proprioception, and strngth
acquisition. The informaiton is presented in a lecture
and lab format.
KPE448 Research in Physical Education (1-3)
An elective course involving intensive library and field
study of a selected topic in contemporary physical
Prerequisites: permission of the instructor; senior
or graduate standing.
KPE465 Primary Physical Assessment (2)
Assessment of cardiovascular and respiratory dis-
orders; neurological disorders; disorders of the eye,
ears, nose, throat, and mouth; systematic disorders;
and dermatological conditions.
KPE 479 Clinical Internship (1-3)
Off-campus observation and analysis of various allied
health care settings.
KPE490 Senior Competency Exam (1)
Required written analysis and skill assessment exam.
The student must pass the exam with at least 70% in
order to graduate. Individuals in Teaching/Coaching
emphasis, Exercise and Sport Science emphasis, and
Pre-Physical Therapy emphasis must complete a
written exam.
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