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The Master’s College 2014-2015 Catalog
HE-FCS303 Intermediate Clothing (4)
Advanced clothing construction skills and study of specified
Prerequisite: HE-FCS102; concurrent enrollment in
HE-FCS302 recommended
. (Lab fee $100.)
HE-FCS304 Nutrition for Children (3)
An integrated course covering the specific nutritional
requirements of children for optimal mental and physical
Prerequisites: HE-FCS201, HE-FCS202, HE-
FCS305, HE-FCS305L suggested.
(Lab fee $25.)
HE-FCS305 Meal Management (4)
The planning, preparation, and service of nutritionally
adequate and aesthetically pleasing meals. Emphasis on
management of physical, personal, financial resources,
as well as biblical hospitality in relation to family goals
and needs concerning food.
Prerequisites: HE-FCS201 and
(Lab fee $175.)
HE-FCS306 Principles of Family Finance (3)
Development of a financial planning system based
on personal and family goals, including the evaluation
of banking services, consumer credit, housing costs,
insurance, investments, taxes, and retirement and estate
HE-FCS307 Understanding Aging (3)
Exploring the unique changes in the aging process. Brain,
nutrition, exercise, relationships, and care for the elderly
through hospice. Complements Nutrition HE-FCS201,
Meal Management HE-FCS305, and Dynamics of Family
Living HE-FCS402
HE-FCS308 Home Management Theory & Analysis
Management process and its relationship to the use of
resources based upon the values, goals and standards
of the family. Efficient management of the home,
establishment of goals and productive use of money,
time and energy.
BUS368 Entrepreneurship (3)
Overview of basic entrepreneurship principles as they
relate to the establishment of a home-based business
or other entrepreneurship enterprises. Discussion of
marketing strategies, equipment needs, finances, legal
concerns and management issues, including time, home
and family.
BE301 Child & Adoloscent Development (3)
Principles of physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, and
emotional development of children from conception
through adolescence.
HE-FCS401 Philosophic & Professional Issues in
Home Economics - Family and Consumer Sciences
Intensive examination of the philosophic and personal
aspects related to the professional Home Economist-
Family and Consumer Scientist. Investigation of
professional issues; development of mentoring and
discipleship resources.
Prerequisite: HE-FCS101
HE-FCS402 Dynamics of Family Living (3)
Studies in basic family relationships: a woman’s relationship
to her husband, children, church, government, culture,
friends, and other individuals.
Prerequisite: sophomore standing
HE-FCS403 Principles of Fitting (1)
Principles of fitting as they relate to the construction of
professional garments. Construction of a basic sloper.
Prerequisite: HE-FCS302
. (Lab fee $25.)
HE-FCS410 Resource Management Practicum (3)
Synthesis and application of the Home Economics
curriculumwith a focus on personal resource management
skills. Development of an electronic portfolio which
demonstrates mastery of the department Student Learning
. Prerequisites: HE-FCS101, HE-FCS202, HE-
FCS305 or concurrent enrollment, HE-FCS306, and HE-
(Lab fee $100.)
HE-FCS411 Advanced Garment Design (4)
Principles of tailoring. Construction of coats and/or suits.
Prerequisite: HE-FCS303.
(Lab fee $100.)
HE-FCS412 Flat Pattern Design (3)
Principles and techniques of flat-pattern design. Use of
the basic sloper pattern for the purpose of interpreting
new design
. Prerequisite:s: HE-FCS302, HE-FCS303, HE-
(Lab fee $30.)
HE-FCS414 Family Development (2)
Options in contraception, pregnancy, labor and
delivery, couple’s adjustment, preschool. Complements
Nurtition for Children HE-FCS304, Child & Adolescent
Development BE301, and Dynamics of Family Living
HE-FCS482 Independent Study (1-3)
Independent study on a topic not covered in organized
classes. May be repeated, but the total number of units in
independent study may not exceed ten percent of the total
number of units required for graduation. The topic must
be approved by the instructor and the academic advisor.
Prerequisite: 15 units of HE-FCS courses.
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