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For Christ and Scripture
Mission Statement
The mission of The Master’s College is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to
Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the
Kingdom of God worldwide.
Students are expected to demonstrate their commitment to:
O u r M i s s i o n
as evidenced by:
• Acceptance and acknowledgment of Jesus Christ
as Lord and Savior
• Unreserved worship of God
• Pursuit of Christ-likeness in word, deed and
Biblical Fidelity
, as evidenced by:
• Willingness to defend the inerrancy, authority
and sufficiency of the Scriptures
• Devotion to the study and application of the
Moral Integrity,
as evidenced by:
• A commitment to personal holiness in full
obedience of Scripture
• The practice of honesty, courtesy and civility
toward all persons
• A lifetime of wholesomeness and moderation
that regards the body as the temple of the Holy
Intellectual Growth
, as evidenced by:
• The commitment to learning and desire for
inquiry that leads to truth
• Development of habits of careful analysis and
evaluation of information and ideas
• A thoughtful interaction with the full range of
disciplines comprising the Christian liberal
arts, including an appreciation and respect for
the arts, an understanding of diverse cultures,
an increasing command of spoken and written
languages, and a functional grasp of the sweep
of human history
A Life of Lasting Contribution,
as evidenced by:
• Service and leadership within the local church
• An unashamed proclamation of the Gospel of
• The building of a godly family
• A strong work ethic as a testimony of Christian
life and practice
• A continuing development of professional
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