Outgoing Mail

When does mail go out?

Off-campus mail is taken to the U.S. Post office at 3:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

On-campus mail is delivered throughout the day, and as a general rule all on-campus mail for students dropped off by 3:30 p.m. is delivered that same day.

Department mail that needs to be metered should be brought to the Campus Mail Center 30 minutes prior to closing time in order to allow adequate time for processing. Metering time varies depending on the quantity of mail, and whether or not the mail goes out that day is left to the discretion is left to the Mail Center Supervisor or the clerk on duty.

Where can I deposit my mail?

On-campus and off-campus mail slots are located in the Student Center near the Bookstore entrance.

Be sure you have the correct postage affixed to outgoing mail and include a return address in case there is a delivery problem. If you're not sure of the postage, come to the window and we will help you.

Preparing your outgoing mail

You may purchase stamps and send out mail from the Mail Center. We also provide UPS, Federal Express, Priority Mail Express, insured mail, international mail and other special mail services. Come to us for all your mailing needs.

Some mailing supplies are available for purchase in the Bookstore.