Faculty/Staff Information

Addressing Mail

All incoming mail should be addressed in this way:

Department Name/Number
The Master's University
21726 Placerita Cyn Rd
Santa Clarita, CA 91321-1200

Please be sure to include your department name and number (box number). Mail and/or packages with no name, department, or box number will be delayed and may be returned to sender. Please make sure that all vendors include this information on the address label of packages.

Address outgoing mail correctly:

Mr. John Smith
The John Smith Company
123 Main St
Any City CA 91234-1234

Attention - New employees at The Master's University:

Contact the Campus Mail Center Supervisor for training on how to prepare outgoing mail by calling extension 2348.

Tips for Addressing

(Appearances are important, so make your mail look professional.)

  • Printed or typewritten address labels are better than handwritten ones.
  • Use one or two spaces instead of punctuation (i.e. periods and commas).
  • Print in black ink on a white background (preferably).
  • Align text to the left margin.
  • Use a clear and sharp font without touching or overlapping characters.
  • Addresses should be clearly visible in windowed envelopes, even when the insert shifts.
  • Addresses should be parallel to bottom edge of envelope, not slanted.
  • The attention should be printed before the address, not at the bottom of the envelope as in the past.

International Addressing

International addresses are done the same way as domestic mail, except that the country must appear on the last line in all capital letters in English.

Mr. John Smith
The John Smith Company
123 Main St
London W1P6HQ

Intra-Campus Mail

To Students:

Student's Full Name
Student's Box Number

To Faculty or Staff:

Full Name
Department Name
Department Box Number

To The Master's Seminary or Grace Community Church:

We have a courier service to The Master's Seminary and Grace Community Church campuses. Please include the full name and indicate The Master's Seminary or Grace Community Church, along with the department name. Please allow two working days for courier delivery service. If you have urgent mail, please contact the Campus Mail Supervisor at extension 2348.

Intra-Campus Bulk Mail (a.k.a. notices for all the students/staff/faculty):

The following policies and guidelines govern the placing of notices into all the mailboxes.

  • Notices for all students and/or staff and faculty will be distributed after all the U.S. mail has been completely distributed. This generally means that notices will be in by 4:00 p.m. the day they are received.
  • All notices must be approved by the Campus Mail Center supervisor.
  • Notices must pertain to The Master's College campus life only.
  • There can be no business advertisements put into the mailboxes. Advertisements must be mailed to the College via U.S. Mail.
  • Notices should be no smaller than a full sheet tri-folded or a half sheet of paper. Smaller notices tend to be ignored or easily lost. Full sheets should be tri-folded before bringing them to the Campus Mail Center.
  • For a current count of students, staff or faculty please contact the Campus Mail Center supervisor.
  • We are able to break the notices down into students only, staff only, or faculty only. If you wish to break it down further and target certain people, you must write names and box numbers on the notices.
  • Only Mail Center staff will be allowed to put material in mailboxes. We appreciate your offer to help, but it is our policy to allow only Mail Center personnel into the Mail Center, as it is a restricted area.