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The policies and procedures indicated above also apply to TMC students enrolled in the SIP program with the following exceptions.


See instructions above for creating your own free account so you may access this collection of ebooks when you are no longer on campus.  However, if you do not set up your account while on campus and find that you need to use these resources, call Miss T. and she will set one up for you.  Don't worry she has a hard enough time remembering her own passwords, she'll never remember yoursJ


ILL is a resource sharing service between libraries around the world.  Usually the service is from library to library not from library to individual.  We are making an exception for the SIP students and are willing to send materials to you at your home if it becomes necessary.  However, we strongly recommend you use a local library for ILL; it will be faster and cheaper.

If you are unable to get needed materials through your local libraries directly or through their ILL services and TMC has the needed items, we will send the materials directly to you.  We will pay to send the materials to you and we ask that you pay to return them to us.

This ILL service is limited to resources needed specifically for your SIP program studies and are held in the TMC library.

The circulation period is five weeks (including time allotted for mailing); items may be renewed once.  Needed exceptions must be approved by the circulation manager.

To make an ILL request you need only send an email message to the circulation manager.  Alegra Weaver (  is temporarily stepping in for Rachel Fox (  In the email message you MUST include the following information:  Your Name, address, phone number and the fact that you are an SIP student and need the materials sent to you for your MA studies.  All pertinent bibliographic data is also required:

  1. Book = author, title, publisher, date, edition if relevant, volume if applicable.
  2. Article = author, article title, journal title, volume, issue, date, page numbers.


Last updated August, 2011