Help with Research - Work Smarter not Harder!

I. General Research

*Find Books and Articles - a quick tutorial for using Solomon to find books and articles.

Basic Steps in Library Research - the research process in seven easy steps.

Boolean Logic and Online Searching: an introduction - the basics of  Boolean Logic applied to online searching

Boolean Logic Applied to Online Research - advanced instruction in the application of Boolean logic to online searching.

Citing Sources - instructions for the most commonly used citing styles: APA, Chicago/Turabian, CSE, MLA.  To print these: set "Properties" to Landscape, 2 sided, Short edge.  For more help see Miss T.

College Prep Library Research - Part 1: Topic selection and focus, strategic planning

College Prep Library Research - Part 2: Tools, finding and using for effective research

College Prep Library Research - Part 3: Smart Internet Searching, efficient research

Dissertations & Theses - a list of Web sites providing access to sources for theses and dissertations; some free, some not

Evaluate Your Results List - Do the records in your results list satisfy your research need?

Evaluating Resources Worksheet - easy way to help evaluate the usefulness of research resources both paper and electronic

FAQ Search Strategies - Here are search strategies Miss T. uses to address universal research needs as well as some specific homework assignments from Bible classes and Biblical Counseling classes.

Finding Reviews - sources for literary critiques of books, articles, movies, Web products, etc.

Glossary of Library Jargon - definitions of common terms used in library research

Identifying Scholarly Books - clues for distinguishing scholarly books

Identifying Scholarly Periodicals - clues for distinguishing between magazines, journals and peer reviewed journals

Identifying Scholary Web Sites - use these Subject Directories to easily identify critically annotated, high quality, scholarly internet sources hand selected, annotated and maintained by librarians, scholars and experts in their fields.

Library Orientation - A quick look at how to find books and articles as well as some importatnt Llibrary Services

Plagiarism - What it is, What it is not, Avoiding plagiarism, How to ciite, What not to cite, Why bother citing and more

Reference Tools - a description of the various types of reference tools and their use

Research Simply - Here you will find a brief explanation of the basic steps involved in research while applying the principle of "Using Sources to Find More Sources".

Research Tips & Tricks - quick and easy methods for finding books and articles, recognizing citation types, identifying scholarly books, articles, Web sites and more.

Research Worksheet - Step by step process of conducting research

Using the Library: Work Smarter Not Harder - steps for conducting research using Solomon

Web Resources for Evaluating Resources - a bibliography of Web sites with information on selecting, searching and evaluating the Web, search engines and subject directories.

II. Course Specific Research

Constitutional History - Find information on Supreme Court Justices and Constitutional issues

Finding Anthologies - instructions for searching the library catalog  to find anthologies

GO TEAMS Research Resouces - One stop shop for links to databses, books, web sites, etc. to gather information on a specific country, it's history, spread of Christianity, culture and society.

Introduction to Political Research - Instruction in using the library to find resources, articles and journals

Literary Criticisms - find literature criticism easily through Literature Criticism Online

Music & Art Appreciation - Artist and Musician research paper

Persuasion Analysis Tips & Tricks - quick and easy methods for finding books and articles related to analysing contemporary advertising techniques.

Theological Positions - list of postitions and authors who support them

Understanding Aging - PowerPoint presentation to assist students in this class (HE307) with their research project.